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Videos, guides, and support for implementing AesirX solutions.

AesirX Documentation Hub

Explore videos, guides, and support for implementing AesirX solutions

AesirX Analytics

Make data-driven decisions with compliant analytics, utilizing first-party data and decentralized consent for actionable insights.

AesirX Business Intelligence

Access real-time data through intuitive dashboards, using first-party insights for personalized customer experiences and optimized marketing.

AesirX Content

Effortlessly create, manage, and publish engaging content with a user-friendly interface and robust functionality.

AesirX Digital Asset Management

Store, search, and distribute media files effortlessly, offering real-time optimization and transformation for enhanced asset management.

AesirX Marketing Automation Platform

Automate and amplify marketing efforts across multiple channels, including email and social media, with support for 7+ free social platforms.

AesirX Product Information Management

Effectively manage products with centralized and enriched information for streamlined data workflows and enhanced customer experiences.

AesirX Single Sign On

Enhance website security with easy and secure login technologies, ensuring privacy-by-design security for your online presence.