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AesirX Analytics

Gain actionable insights & make data-driven decisions.

Collects & stores first-party data to provide cookie-free analytics that complies with privacy standards.

Get legally compliant analytics
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AesirX BI

Get real-time data, displayed in a user-friendly dashboard.

Uses first-party data to personalize the customer experience, optimize your marketing performance & streamline operations.

Start using compliant data
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AesirX Business Suite

Open-source freedom, cost-effectiveness & flexibility.

Privacy-focused all-in-one platform for seamless, secure, and private departmental operations management.

Streamline your marketing efforts
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AesirX Content

Effortlessly create, manage, & publish engaging content.

From websites to blogs, get a user-friendly interface & strong functionality to streamline your content creation process.

Streamline your marketing efforts
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AesirX DAM

Store, search, & distribute your media files with ease.

Our free open source tier offers 100MB asset storage & 100MB of image CDN traffic for real-time image optimization & transformation.

Maximize asset value
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AesirX DMA

Automate & amplify your marketing efforts. 

From email to social media marketing, automate & streamline marketing activities with 7+ free social media channels. 

Power up your marketing
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AesirX PIM

Optimized product management through centralized & enriched information. 

Benefit from streamlined product data workflow, faster time-to-market, & an enhanced customer experience.

Grow your online store
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AesirX SSO

Easy & secure login to multiple websites.

Replaces WordPress & Joomla site logins with privacy-by-design-based security built on Concordium’s zero knowledge (zK) technology.

Enhance security
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AesirX Shield of Privacy

Protect your Identity and Maintain your Privacy Online!

A decentralized identity management solution that protects personal data & ensures privacy across the internet.

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