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Roadmap | AesirX

AesirX Business Suite

AesirX is dedicated to transforming data privacy and user consent with innovative solutions. We ensure ethical data management and uphold global privacy standards.
Join us in creating a safer, transparent digital world.

Q3 2022


AesirX Marketing Automation Platform
AesirX Digital Asset Management

Q4 2022


AesirX Business Intelligence (BI)
AesirX Analytics
AesirX Single Sign On
AesirX Product Information Management
AesirX First-Party Server

Q1 2023


AesirX Content
Web3 NFTs Smart Contracts
Concordium ID +  MetaMask Wallet

Q2 2023


AesirX Shield of Privacy
AesirX Shield of Privacy dApp
WalletConnect + CryptoX Wallet

Q3 2023


Privacy NFTs
Decentralized Consent (300m+ users supported on web3)
AesirX Analytics for
Platform ImagePlatform ImagePlatform ImagePlatform Image

Q4 2023


AesirX Privacy Scanner
Marketing Creator Tool
ID Verified Social Media Posting

Q1 2024


AesirX First-Party Foundation
Platform ImagePlatform ImagePlatform Image
Privacy Monitoring
On-Chain Documentation of Privacy Monitoring
AesirX Privacy Advisor AI

Q2 2024


AesirX NFT Engine
NFT Creator Tool
NFT Product Creator Tool
NFT Marketplace
AesirX Business Suite
Platform ImagePlatform ImagePlatform Image
AesirX ChatGPT Privacy Advisor

Q3 2024

AesirX Ads Delivery
Platform Image
AesirX Customer Journey
Platform Image
AesirX Prediction
Platform Image
AesirX Personalization
Platform Image

Q4 2024

AesirX Datahub
AesirX Mailflow