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AesirX WEB3 ID is our cutting-edge solution for WordPress, WooCommerce, & Joomla! site admins who want to protect their users' personal data & ensure privacy on the internet. Don’t miss out. Register today!

Protect & secure your data
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AesirX Seed Round Invite

Creating the world's leading privacy-focused & value-driven  enterprise-grade MarTech solutions.

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Supporters of Privacy First
Decentralized Technology

We are AesirX

An open source enterprise technology provider that offers full Privacy by Design, powered by zero-knowledge security.

AesirX is excited to invite you to participate in our private investment round, which will support us in achieving our mission of developing the world's leading privacy-focused and value-driven enterprise-grade MarTech solutions.

Our goal is to provide the highest possible level of security, privacy, and scalability by giving users the freedom to control their own data without compromising enterprise data monetization strategies.


We anticipate that future legislation in the MarTech industry...

...will require new privacy standards, and we aim to stay ahead of the curve in regulatory-compliant MarTech by leveraging the power of cutting-edge decentralized technologies, such as blockchain and digital assets.

AesirX is based on foundational Open Source and Decentralized principles with the purpose of creating a revolutionary new digital marketing stack for the World Wide Web that prioritizes integrity, values customer privacy, and steadfastly protects data.

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AesirX improves Web2 by adding Web3 as an extra layer that solves the problems of security and compliance while moving the current users and website owners on the World Wide Web to Web3.

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AesirX is the world's first WEB3 ID that integrates all Web2 and Web3 sign on solutions into a Single Sign On ID based on Privacy by Design to protect consumer data and decentralize consent to the user, where it belongs, combining Blockchain Wallets and zero knowledge security on Concordium’s ID Layer 1 Blockchain.

AesirX WEB3 ID offers instant compliance with consensual requirements as well as privacy first data collection and storage

It does this by separating personal data from anonymized behavioral and event data so that compliance becomes native in digital marketing. It offers full compliance by leveraging the Privacy By Design approach, while providing innovative and securely documented zK ID-based access on the blockchain, and also documenting access to personal and privileged data.

AesirX WEB3 ID is the Universal Single Sign On Solution that extends compliance and security to the whole World Wide Web in a groundbreaking, unique and unparalleled fashion. 

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Our vision and unwavering commitment ensure that we stand at the very center of the global blockchain ecosystem.

We are the only interoperability bridge that correlates data across all blockchains and Web2 ecosystems, making it possible to use data on the World Wide Web in a way that puts security and privacy first.

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Onboarding 500+ million website owners to Web3 with Security and Privacy.


our partners

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AesirX privacy-first technology is a step forward to a new era of solving some of the biggest security issues of the internet.

With this partnership, we continue to build on our commitment to trust and privacy, while supporting game-changing projects in our blockchain like AesirX.



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Mint Required
Unique Web3 ID
World Wide Web Passport
Social Media Passport
Gamefi Passport
MetaVerse Passport
Privacy First based Analytics
WorldPress Single Sign On
Joomla Single Sign On
zK ID Secure Access
Personal ID
Organizational ID
Priority for ID Reservation
Priority for Org ID Reservation
Decentralized Consent
Anonymized Browsing
Anonymized Newsletter
Anonymized Abandoned Cart
Personalized Digital Marrketing Experiences
Loyalty & Membership Clubs
1 - Click Shopping
Access to $AesirX Community Sales
Share2Earn Program
Web3 ID Affiliate2Earn
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Want to see how AesirX can reconnect your digital marketing with compliant data and without abuse of personal data?

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Don’t take our word for it - 
Concordium’s identity layer has been proven secure.

AesirX WEB3 ID is utilizing zero Knowledge security and ID through Concordium based on the scientific study carried out on Balancing Privacy and Accountability in Blockchain Identity Management, supported by Concordium Blockchain Research Center (COBRA) and Torben Pryds Pedersen as Technical Advisor.

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Torben Pryds Pedersen

Technical Advisor


$AESIRX Multi Purpose Token
Create value, maximize rewards

$AESIRX Tokens are set to play an important role in the decentralized finance ecosystem, with a variety of use cases.


AesirX Solution Licenses

  • Access to solution sites.
  • Purchase & Mint
    • 1 Freemium (virtual NFT) + 4 tiers of commercial licenses (NFT’s).
    • For personal purposes.
    • For organizational purposes.
    • For customer purposes (resale / partner).
  • Minimum $AESIRX price is set at $0,50 USD in the License Shop

AesirX WEB3 IDs (Q1 Launch)

  • Access to
  • Purchase & Mint
    • 1 Freemium + 4 Tiers of Web3 ID NFT’s.
    • For personal purposes.
    • For organizational purposes.
    • For customer purposes (resale / partner).
  • Minimum $AESIRX price is set at $0,50 USD in theWEB3 ID Shop.

AesirX NFT Licenses Marketplace (Q2 Launch)

  • Access to
  • Resale of licenses.
  • Resale of licenses with remaining subscription time.
  • $AESIRX is the only accepted payment method.

Staking (Q3 Launch)

  • Exclusive access to
  • Stake2Earn: 10,000,000 $AESIRX Staking Pool.
  • 5% of AesirX Ltd.'s annual profits are distributed to the active staking pools.

Voting (Q3 Launch)

  • Exclusive access to
  • Right to vote on Community Proposals for funding.

AesirX Community Hub (Q3 Launch)

  • Exclusive access to
  • Share2Earn Program with the opportunity to earn 10% affiliate commission. per sale of AesirX Solution Licenses generated through sharing on social media.
  • Affiliate2Earn Program with 10% commission on revenue generated from affiliate activities.
  • Future Community & Loyalty Programs for the AesirX Community.
  • Special discounts and options for AesirX Events.
  • Special access to AesirX Certification Program for Partners.

Token Name:


Tokens total supply

100,000,000 $AESIRX

Controlled by:

AESIRX Community DAO

  • The allocation of funds for Community Pools is decided by the AesirX Community DAO, and the pools are divided between two purposes:.
    • Developer Incentive Grant Programs.
    • Developer Event Incentive Grant Programs.
  • The $AESIRX token grants its holders the right to vote on DAO matters and proposals through, as well as the opportunity to participate in staking activities on and other community activities on
  • The AesirX Community DAO, planned for incorporation in Q2/23, will hold 5% of the shares in AesirX Ltd and will have representation on the Board of Directors. The Director will be elected by the AesirX Community DAO, ensuring influence and full transparency. This solidifies the underlying value of the $AESIRX token, which is also fundamentally supported by the equity assets.
  • 5% of the yearly profits from AesirX.Io Ltd will be added to the active staking pools.

$AESIRX is sold in Seed Round, Private Round and Public Round

The following conditions apply.

20%SEED SALE (Q1 2023)20,000,000$2,000,000$0.10 USD
10%PRIVATE SALE (Q2 2023)10,000,000$1,500,000$0.15 USD
10%PUBLIC SALE (Q3 2023)10,000,000$2,500,000$0.25 USD
10%TEAM & ADVISORS10,000,000
  • Minimum buy-in is $10,000 USD in the private round and the agreement is based on a SAFT (Simple Agreement for transfer of Future Tokens) between your organization and AesirX.
  • KYC and additional legal requirements have to be fulfilled as per local and global compliance on the Concordium Blockchain.
  • All AesirX Core Team members are prohibited from access to the Private and Community Sale due to transparency reasons and principles of fairness.


Timeline item
Timeline item
Timeline item
Timeline item

Vesting schedule

$AESIRX will be released over 24 months from Public Sale Q3 2023

TGE (% unlocked tokens)Cliff (months locked)Unlock (months locked and vesting)
20%SEED SALE (Q1 2023)8%Daily / 12 months
10%PRIVATE SALE (Q2 2023) "Initial liquidity" basket15%Monthly / 6 months
10%PUBLIC SALE (Q3 2023)25%Monthly / 3 months
10%TREASURY10%Monthly / 24 months
10%MARKETING10%Monthly / 24 months
10%TEAM & ADVISORS8%12 monthsMonthly / 12 months
10%COMMUNITY DEVELOPER INCENTIVE POOL (Grants)12.5%3 monthsQuarterly / 21 months
10%COMMUNITY DEVELOPER EVENT POOL (Grants)12.5%3 monthsQuarterly / 21 months
10%COMMUNITY STAKING POOL12.5%3 monthsQuarterly / 21 months
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