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AesirX: Privacy-Driven Marketing Innovation

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Transforming marketing with innovative, privacy-focused solutions.

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Our Story

AesirX stands as a bastion of strength, leading the fight for digital privacy against BigTech’s abuse of personal data!

As the digital landscape changes, so do the challenges surrounding privacy and legal compliance. At AesirX, we understand the concerns that businesses face when it comes to navigating complex privacy laws. We firmly believe that no business owner should unknowingly use illegal technology and risk being labeled a criminal. 

That's why we’re changing this narrative. We provide compliant solutions that decriminalize and protect business owners. 

Our mission is to create a safer digital environment where businesses can thrive while ensuring privacy and regulatory adherence. 

Together, we can shape a digital ecosystem that helps businesses grow, innovate, and & deliver exceptional customer and staff experiences.

Our Values

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We’re proud privacy fighters!

At AesirX, we’re passionate about protecting people's digital privacy rights; our mission is to offer cutting-edge solutions that prioritize privacy, data security, and compliance.

By choosing AesirX, you join us in the fight for privacy and take a stand against BigTech's data exploitation, ensuring that your business operates ethically and respects your customers' privacy.

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Ethical, legal solutions only.

Our unwavering commitment is to provide ethical and legal digital solutions.

We firmly believe in conducting business with integrity, so with AesirX, you can trust that our solutions prioritize privacy, data protection, and responsible marketing practices, allowing you to operate with confidence and peace of mind.

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User-centric, not money-driven.

At AesirX, our focus is on delivering exceptional user experiences and we prioritize user satisfaction over any monetary considerations.

We believe success comes from putting users and customers at the heart of your business and encourage all our clients to embrace a user-centric approach for long-term growth.

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Something for nothing is possible!

We strongly believe that "something for nothing" is not just a dream but a reality.

We harness the power of open-source freemium technology to help you fuel innovation and foster collaboration. With AesirX, you can unlock the potential for growth and success without compromising on quality or affordability.

Meet our leadership

Meet our team of growth-focused digital marketing professionals dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.


Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen


Ronni, a prominent MarTech leader for 25+ years, contributed to and served on the board of directors for Open Source Inc.


Lu Nguyen

Frontend CTO

Lu, Co-Founder & Partner at AesirX since 2012, leads the frontend team with 11 years of remarkable development experience.


Phu Ly

Global Lead Design

With 8+ years in UI/UX, Phu excels as a Team Leader (9 years) & Senior Designer (15 years), showcasing expertise in both roles.


Soren Beck Jensen

Business Development Director

CEO of Jensen Technologies, with 30 years' experience in web/mobile solutions as Developer, Manager, & Serial Entrepreneur.



Content Marketing Director

With 20+ years in Management, Fiona's background includes finance, law, writing, editing, & creating compelling content.


Robert Deutz

Community Director

Founder & CEO of BackupMonkey & Robert Deutz Business Solution, with 25+ years of experience in solutions for companies.

Meet our Team and join us in the fight for data privacy

Advisors & Ambassadors


Lars Seier Christensen

Blockchain Advisor

Founder & CEO at Seier Capital & Chairman Of The Board at Concordium, now focused on the transformative potential of blockchain.


Loan Tran

CSR Ambassador

Certified Professional Coach, Author of: ‘Powerful Leadership - How to build dream teams’, & former Business Strategist.

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