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AesirX Refund Policy

Refund Policy | AesirX

The products available for purchase on our web site are downloadable, functional, and try-before-you-buy. We provide free open source downloads from GitHub to let you fully evaluate our products before you make a purchase decision.

We want to clarify our policy on refunds so that there is no confusion. Please read these terms carefully BEFORE making your purchase with us.

Please read this policy:


You are eligible for a refund:

  • If you did not download any commercial component from our site, you did not request support and requested your refund within 14 days of the date your invoice was issued.
  • The product you subscribed to is discontinued within 14 days of the date of your subscription, no matter if you have downloaded the software or asked for support. Exception: this does not apply to us dropping support for any server-side or client-side software. Excepted cases are not eligible for refund.
  • Stolen credit card, PayPal account or other form of payment or financial instrument used to pay for the subscription. In this case we kindly request that you ask for a refund instead of filing a chargeback request with PayPal or your bank.
  • It is impossible for us to test our software on every server platform and every server configuration it may encounter. Therefore, if our support staff is unable to get our software up and running on your server within the first 14 days after purchase, we will happily give you a refund. You will need to provide us with full access to your hosting / server environments in order for us to fully debug and install the software. If you cannot provide us this access in a timely and cooperative manner, then we will not be able to give you a refund.

All requests for refund MUST be initiated through our contact email ([email protected]) within the refund period.


You are eligible for a refund AND:

  • Your client didn't go for it.
  • You've changed your mind.
  • You've decided our product is "Not what I need".
  • Your server does not meet minimum system requirements.
  • You don't have the time to implement our products.
  • You've found a different solution.
  • You made some customisations and modifications and now our product isn't working.
  • Your purchase is older than 14 days (no exceptions).
  • You experience conflicts with other 3rd party software connected to or installed on your site.


We reserve the right to terminate accounts without refund or prior notice if you violate our published Terms of Use or become verbally abusive to our staff, other users of our site or our associates. In case such a user tries to resubscribe to our site we reserve the right to terminate his/her account without a refund or prior notice and block his/her IP address.


The Buyer understands that access to the support forum, downloads, and documentation terminates when the refund is processed.


Refunds are processed by the same payment processor you used to subscribe. Refunds are issued up to 7 business days after they are requested. The actual date of receiving the refund depends on the payment processor and the method of payment. This period of time is outside our control.


This refund policy can be updated at any time, without prior notice and is applicable immediately and retroactively for all subscriptions and subscribers. It is considered an integral part of our Terms of Use and its acceptance is mandatory for all users.

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