Tokenomics & $AESIRX Multi Purpose Token

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$AESIRX Multi Purpose Token
Create value, maximize rewards

$AESIRX Tokens are set to play an important role in the decentralized finance ecosystem, with a variety of use cases.


AesirX Solution Licenses

  • Access to solution sites.
  • Purchase & Mint
    • 1 Freemium (virtual NFT) + 4 tiers of commercial licenses (NFT’s).
    • For personal purposes.
    • For organizational purposes.
    • For customer purposes (resale / partner).
  • Minimum $AESIRX price is set at $0,50 USD in the License Shop

AesirX Shield of Privacy (Launched)

  • Access to
  • Purchase & Mint
    • 1 Freemium + 4 Tiers of Shield of Privacy NFTs.
    • For personal purposes.
    • For organizational purposes.
    • For customer purposes (resale / partner).
  • Minimum $AESIRX price is set at $0,50 USD in the Shield of Privacy Shop.

AesirX NFT Licenses Marketplace (Q4 Launch)

  • Access to
  • Resale of licenses.
  • Resale of licenses with remaining subscription time.
  • $AESIRX is the only accepted payment method.

Staking (Launched)

  • Exclusive access to
  • Stake2Earn: 10,000,000 $AESIRX Staking Pool.
  • 10% of AesirX Ltd.'s annual revenue will be added to the active staking pools.

Voting (Q4 Launch)

  • Exclusive access to
  • Right to vote on Community Proposals for funding.

AesirX dApp (Q4 Launch)

  • Exclusive access to
  • Share2Earn Program with the opportunity to earn 10% affiliate commission. per sale of AesirX Solution Licenses generated through sharing on social media.
  • Affiliate2Earn Program with 10% commission on revenue generated from affiliate activities.
  • Future Community & Loyalty Programs for the AesirX Community.
  • Special discounts and options for AesirX Events.
  • Special access to AesirX Certification Program for Partners.

Token name:


Tokens total supply

100 million $AESIRX

Controlled by:

AESIRX Community DAO

  • The AesirX Community DAO determines the allocation of funds for Community Pools, which are divided between 2 purposes:
    • Developer Incentive Grant Programs (10 million $AESIRX).
    • Developer Event Incentive Grant Programs (10 million $AESIRX).
  • Holders of $AESIRX token have voting rights on DAO matters & proposals, as well as the opportunity to engage in staking activities & other community events on
  • The AesirX Community DAO, planned for incorporation in Q4/23, will elect a Director ensuring influence & full transparency.
  • The Director's responsibilities include creating an External Advisory Board (EAB) with the right to put issues on the agenda for the Board of Directors meetings in Ltd. The EAB's framework will be developed by the Director.

$AESIRX is sold in Seed Round, Private Round and Public Round

The following conditions apply.

20%COMMUNITY ENTERPRISE SALE (OPEN Q2 2023)20,000,000$2,000,000$0.10 USD
10%COMMUNITY GROWTH SALE (OPEN Q3 2023)10,000,000$1,500,000$0.15 USD
10%COMMUNITY TEAM SALE (OPEN Q3 2023)10,000,000$2,500,000$0.25 USD
10%MARKETING (Share2Earn)10,000,000
10%TEAM & ADVISORS10,000,000
  • Buy-in is $1,000 USD in the COMMUNITY ENTERPRISE SALE  round based upon purchase of one Shield of Privacy Enterprise Tier NFT in the special ENTERPRISE SALE.
  • Buy-in is $249 USD in the COMMUNITY GROWTH SALE  round based upon purchase of one Shield of Privacy Growth Tier NFT in the special GROWTH SALE.
  • Buy-in is $99 USD in the COMMUNITY TEAM SALE  round based upon purchase of one Shield of Privacy Team Tier NFT in the special TEAM SALE.


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Open on Community Enterprise Round

Community Enterprise Round with

Shield of Privacy NFT
Enterprise Tier

1 AESIRX = 0.1$

Become A Community Investor
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Community Growth Round

1 AESIRX = 0.15$

Coming soon
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Community Team Round

1 AESIRX = 0.25$

Coming soon

Vesting schedule

TGE (% unlocked tokens)Cliff (months locked)Unlock (months locked and vesting)
20%COMMUNITY ENTERPRISE SALE (OPEN Q2 2023)8%-Weekly / 12 months
10%COMMUNITY GROWTH SALE (OPEN Q3 2023)16%-Weekly / 9 months
10%COMMUNITY TEAM SALE (OPEN Q3 2023)24%-Weekly / 6 months
10%TREASURY4%-Monthly / 24 months
10%MARKETING4%-Monthly / 24 months
10%TEAM & ADVISORS4%3 monthsMonthly / 21 months
10%COMMUNITY DEVELOPER INCENTIVE POOL (Grants)4%3 monthsQuarterly / 21 months
10%COMMUNITY DEVELOPER EVENT POOL (Grants)4%3 monthsQuarterly / 21 months
10%COMMUNITY STAKING POOL45%-Quarterly / 12 months
  • AesirX tokens are scheduled to be released in Q3 2023 as part of the COMMUNITY TEAM SALE & the TGE (Token Generation Event).
  • AesirX tokens are released virtually from Q2 2023 to Community Enterprise Round Investors & Community Supporters & includes a staking program as well as a Share2Earn community programs.
  • The token price is set at $0.25 USD per token at the COMMUNITY TEAM SALE in Q3 2023.
  • The token is guaranteed a minimum purchase value of $0.50 USD per token when purchasing AesirX Software Licenses from Q3 2023.

Quarterly Transparency and Investor Rewards


10% Revenue Allocation

Each quarter, 10% of AesirX license sales revenue is reported to AesirX DAO.


Purchase of $AESIRX Tokens

Funds are used to acquire $AESIRX tokens from open market, guided by market conditions & long-term value.


Staking Program Integration

Acquired tokens contribute seamlessly to our Staking Program, enhancing investor rewards.

Time-to-Staking Ratio for Investor Rewards

1:1 Time-to-Staking Ratio

The time an investor staked $AESIRX relative to duration of the quarter.

Daily Contribution

In an n-days long quarter, each day staked carries the weight of 1/nth of the total rewards. E.g., a 90-day long quarter = 1/90th of the total rewards.

Link to AesirX License Revenue

Rewards are proportional to the AesirX license revenue generated during the quarter.

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