AesirX SSO delivers zero trust 1-click data consent service

Press Release: AesirX delivers web3-based zero trust 1-click user consent SSO service

calendar iconDec 23, 2022

Get a secure, seamless and easy sign on experience from an ethical Single Sign On service - AesirX SSO with Concordium blockchain zK ID. As we move into a privacy-first and cookieless world, it’s essential for users to control data consent so that it becomes decentralized so that our data is no longer owned, controlled, or abused by organizations. AesirX SSO enables this, and it’s also available in Freemium.

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NEW YORK - Dec. 21, 2022, AesirX launches another trusted marketing platform to the Open Source Community before Christmas. AesirX SSO enables user access to multiple systems and web applications using the same credentials so that they save time, money, and resources by streamlining and improving processes.

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AesirX SSO is built using Web2+Web3 technology. It has Web3 wallet integrations (using Concordium blockchain zero knowledge ID technology), an authentication protocol used to confirm digital identities, and therefore offers an added layer of security while allowing users to remain private. It allows any user visiting a website to ‘1-click’ consent for their data to be used to create more meaningful online experiences and when linked to the revolutionary AesirX Analytics and AesirX BI tools, AesirX SSO becomes the key to cross-site data tracking, retargeting, and pre-targeting.

Normally, illegal 3rd-party tracking cookies are used to collect customer data for profit, but AesirX SSO is different and part of a ground-breaking marketing technology solutions series. AesirX is building the world’s first fully legal, GDPR compliant (and other regional legislation), 1st-party MarTech stack - 20 Solutions in 2 years! AesirX DMA (Digital Marketing Automation), AesirX DAM (Digital Asset Management), AesirX Analytics, and AesirX BI (Business Intelligence) are already available with multiple features and benefits to improve workflow automation and get customer insights.

Today, AesirX SSO is available to download Open Source from GitHub and to use the Community Edition for free. It’s not only efficiently integrative with existing systems and the entire AesirX series, but it also has a web-based user interface meaning it’s easily customizable for any developers or digital agencies to take control and personalize the design to suit their needs. There are a further four tiers ranging from $49 to a fully hosted and managed Enterprise edition.

While AesirX SSO centralizes user account management for reduced human error, greater security, and increased productivity, it decentralizes user consent, making it privacy-first, legal, and respectful of customers’ data.

If you’re an organization interested in transforming your digital technology to dynamically scale and improve your ability to deliver exceptional customer experiences, there is only one solution; Putting the customer first means handing them back data consent to truly deliver an ethical privacy-first service.

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