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Exploring AesirX Analytics and Business Intelligence: A Walkthrough for Beginners

Jul 01, 202404 minute read

Exploring AesirX Analytics and Business Intelligence: A Walkthrough for Beginners

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Exploring AesirX Analytics and Business Intelligence: A Walkthrough for Beginners

Today, with the help of technology, every interaction can be quantified. Understanding the story behind this data is important for businesses to refine strategies, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth. 

AesirX Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) offers a powerful suite of tools that simplify data and provide actionable insights to even novice users.

This walkthrough will guide you through the core features of AesirX BI, illustrating how you can make data-driven decisions effectively.

og exploring aesirx analytics and business intelligence a walkthrough for beginners

A Central Hub for All Analytics Data

AesirX Analytics is the engine that collects data, while AesirX BI is the visualization hub. The BI dashboard provides a clear overview of your business performance at a glance. Whether you’re tracking sales, monitoring website traffic, or analyzing customer behavior, the dashboard aggregates all your data into a single, intuitive interface.

Acquisition Section: Consent-Based Data Collection

AesirX BI differentiates itself with a unique approach to data collection: prioritizing user consent and privacy. The Acquisition section aggregates data from a variety of sources, such as search engines and marketing campaigns, all the while maintaining strict adherence to user consent guidelines. AesirX BI showcases its capability to track user interactions manually, ensuring that you’re not missing out on any critical information.

acquisition section consent based data collection

Behavioral Data: Understanding User Interactions

With AesirX BI, you can analyze the behavioral patterns of your users. From tracking outlinks to customizing events, AesirX BI equips you with the tools to understand how users interact with your site. Plus, the user flows feature is particularly insightful, offering a visual representation of the user’s journey through your website. 

Consent Section: Pioneering Tiered Consent Models

The consent section is where AesirX BI truly shines. It introduces the world’s first tiered consent model, offering unparalleled flexibility in managing user consent. You can choose from five consent templates to meet your specific needs, ranging from basic web2 mode to advanced consent mode for Google Consent Mode V2. This feature ensures that you remain compliant with data protection regulations while fostering trust and transparency with your audience - all with a single click.

consent section pioneering tiered consent models

Tracking Section: UTM Data Visualization

Understanding the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns is made easy with AesirX BI’s UTM tracking. This feature allows you to generate direct links for any page and track their performance across different channels, giving you a clear picture of your marketing campaign’s success.

Visitor Section: Detailed Insights into User Behavior

The visitor section provides a detailed look at who your visitors are and what they do on your site. By tracking visits, page views, and time spent on each page, you gain a deeper understanding of your audience’s behavior, enabling you to optimize user journeys and improve website performance.

visitor section detailed insights into user behavior

User Experience: Enhancing Interaction and Insight

AesirX BI displays information about user experience, offering valuable insights into how visitors interact with your website. The platform provides detailed analytics on customer journeys, highlighting key metrics such as date and time, locations, page views, session duration, actions, events, sources, and user experience (UX). This data enables you to optimize website usability and customize content to better meet user needs.

Woo: E-commerce Analytics and More

For those running e-commerce platforms, AesirX BI offers specialized analytics that provides basic statistics for revenues and product-based data. In the near future, when the AesirX Product Information Management (PIM) system is finalized, it will integrate with WooCommerce, offering predictive personalization based on legal data.

woo e commerce analytics and more

Free and Premium Solutions

AesirX BI is committed to providing a natively compliant analytics solution. The free version, along with all premium tier solutions, is designed for high-end WordPress and WooCommerce sites, offering the option to deploy a first-party server to enhance your analytics capabilities.

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