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Benefits of Single Sign On Against Phishing & Attacks

Mar 18, 202405 minute read

Prevent Phishing and Automated Attacks: The Benefits of Single Sign On from AesirX

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Benefits of Single Sign On Against Phishing and Attacks

Every day, millions of people face the threat of cyber attacks like phishing and automated scams. These sneaky schemes aim to steal passwords and personal info, putting victims at risk of identity theft and financial loss.

Recent studies found that phishing attacks spiked by a whopping 173% in the third quarter of 2023 [1], and a shocking 36% of all data breaches that year were due to phishing [2].

But don't worry! In this blog, we'll break down how these attacks work and show you how to stay safe using AesirX Single Sign On (SSO) solution, highlighting the benefits of single sign on in mitigating such risks. With AesirX SSO on your side, you can beat the bad guys and keep your info secure.

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What Are Phishing and Automated Attacks?

Phishing and automated attacks are two common types of cyber attacks that hackers use to steal sensitive information.

Phishing attacks trick users into giving away their login credentials or financial details by using fake emails, texts, or social media messages. These messages often create a sense of urgency or fear to get users to click on malicious links or enter their information on fake websites.

Automated attacks, on the other hand, use automated tools to launch large-scale attacks on websites, applications, or networks. These attacks can steal user accounts or data by trying thousands of login combinations until they find a match.

Both types of attacks can have serious consequences, including identity theft, financial loss, or damage to a company's reputation. In 2022, the FBI received over 800,000 reports of phishing attacks, resulting in over $10 billion in losses [3]. Additionally, malicious bots account for around 43% of all online login attempts, making automated attacks a significant threat to online security [4].

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How Can You Prevent Phishing and Automated Attacks?

To stay safe from phishing and automated attacks, it's important to be cautious whenever you get emails, messages, or calls asking for your password or personal info, or telling you to click on links or attachments. Here are some easy tips to help you spot and avoid these scams:

1. Check the sender's email address and website

Make sure they match the official source and don't have any mistakes or weird characters.

2. Look at the content and tone

If there are spelling errors, vague language, or urgent messages, it could be a scam.

3. Hover over links and attachments before clicking

If they don't match the official source or look suspicious, don't click on them.

4. Keep your antivirus and firewall software updated

This can help block phishing attempts and prevent malware.

5. Use Single Sign On (SSO solution)

Why use SSO? Single Sign On (SSO) is a smart choice because it simplifies access to various services and boosts security. It's like having one key for many locks, making it easier to manage your accounts and keep them safe.

How does Single Sign On work? With SSO, you only need to log in once to access multiple services. After you log in, SSO gives you a special token that proves it's really you. Then, whenever you want to use another service, SSO uses that token to let you in without asking for your password again. It's like having a VIP pass that gets you into all the cool places without needing a new ticket each time.

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The Benefits of Single Sign On from AesirX

AesirX offers a secure, convenient, and efficient SSO solution for preventing phishing attacks and enhancing online security for both users and businesses. Here's how AesirX SSO works and why it is so beneficial:

1. Simplified Access

With AesirX SSO, users only need one set of credentials or a Web3 wallet to access multiple online services. This eliminates the need to remember or enter different passwords for each service, reducing the risk of falling for phishing scams.

2. Token-based Authentication

AesirX SSO uses token-based authentication, where tokens are encrypted and expire after a short time. This makes it extremely difficult for attackers to launch brute force or credential stuffing attacks, as the tokens cannot be easily intercepted or reused.

3. Centralized Control

AesirX SSO allows businesses to manage user access and permissions from one central location, enhancing the benefits of single sign on. This centralized control makes it easy to revoke access quickly if suspicious activity is detected, preventing automated attacks.

4. Integration with Privacy-enhancing Technologies

AesirX SSO integrates with technologies like AesirX Shield of Privacy and Concordium Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology. These technologies ensure that users can verify their identity and data securely without compromising their privacy. By adding an extra layer of protection, AesirX SSO makes it more difficult for attackers to impersonate users and steal sensitive information.

5. Free to Enterprise Options

AesirX SSO offers a 'Community' edition, completely free to use without any trials or requirement for card details.

There are also three affordable options starting at $49 that offer more benefits, as well as a fully customizable Enterprise-level edition tailored to specific business requirements.

Package Choices:

  • Community: Free (Open Source)
  • Starter: $49
  • Team: $99
  • Growth: $249
  • Enterprise: $1000

Explore package features HERE!

Protect Your Online Experience: Switch to AesirX SSO Today

Now that you understand the risks of phishing and automated attacks, it's vital to safeguard your online security. AesirX SSO offers a simple solution to keep you safe.

With AesirX SSO, accessing multiple online services becomes effortless with just one login or a Web3 wallet. No more struggling with multiple passwords. Plus, AesirX SSO keeps you safe from attacks with its advanced, time-saving authentication system.

Whether you're using popular platforms like Gmail, Facebook, WordPress and Joomla or exploring new Web3 services (decentralized applications and marketplaces), AesirX SSO is your shield against cyber threats.

Don't wait until it's too late. Make the switch to AesirX SSO today and enjoy the benefits of single sign on for a worry-free online experience!


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