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AesirX SSO: What is Single Sign On Authentication and How Does it Work?

Apr 19, 202405 minute read

AesirX SSO: What is Single Sign On Authentication and How Does it Work?

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AesirX SSO: What is Single Sign On Authentication and How Does it Work?

Have you ever stopped to count how many logins you have, or found yourself doing the very thing we're all warned against – writing down your usernames and passwords?

SSO, or Single Sign On authentication, is a tool that eliminates the need for multiple passwords, simplifying and securing your digital life.  

In this post, we'll explore how SSO works with a particular focus on the unique features of AesirX Single Sign On; how it replaces outdated login systems with Privacy-by-Design security powered by groundbreaking web3 technology and enhanced by ID verification methods.

og what is single sign on authentication and how does it work

Understanding Single Sign On Authentication 

Single Sign On authentication is a method that allows users to access multiple applications or systems with just one set of credentials like a username and password. 

This means you can log in once and gain entry to all associated services without having to sign in to each one individually. It simplifies the login process, enhances user experience, and can also improve security by reducing the number of passwords a user needs to remember and manage.

AesirX SSO goes a step further by offering both password and passwordless authentication methods. Users can authenticate themselves with traditional password-based methods or with more modern passwordless techniques like Web3 wallet authentication. This versatility ensures that users can access their accounts in a secure and convenient manner, regardless of their preferences or device capabilities.

understanding single sign on authentication

How AesirX SSO Authentication Works

AesirX SSO is changing how we think about logging into different platforms by seamlessly combining Web2 and Web3 technologies. Here's the breakdown of how it works:

Password Authentication for Web2 Platforms

Sign in with email or social media like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or Linkedin.

  • User Authentication: Users log in to the AesirX SSO service using familiar credentials with an email and password. 
  • Authentication Token Creation: Once verified, AesirX SSO generates an authentication token, which is similar to a digital badge that grants access. 
  • Storage of Authentication Token: This token is securely stored within the AesirX SSO’s infrastructure, serving as a temporary digital ID for the user. 
  • Access to Webs/Apps: When users visit connected websites or apps, these services request validation from AesirX SSO. 
  • Verification with SSO Service: The service confirms the token's authenticity, similar to a bouncer checking an ID at a club. 
  • Authorization: A valid token allows for smooth entry; otherwise, users are prompted to authenticate again.  

This process verifies the user's identity without directly handling personal identity information, maintaining their privacy and security on the internet.

password authentication for web2 platforms

Passwordless Authentication for Web3 Platforms

Sign in with a digital wallet like Concordium, MetaMask, CryptoX, WalletConnect, or BraveWallet.

  • User Authentication with Web3 Wallet: Instead of a username and password, users utilize their Web3 wallets, which contain cryptographic keys, to authenticate—similar to a digital wallet proving identity.
  • Signing a Message: When users want to do something on a decentralized app (dApp) or blockchain, they sign a message with their Web3 wallet. 
  • Message Signing Process: The wallet uses the user's private key to create a unique signature. It's kind of like signing a digital document.
  • Authentication Token Equivalent: This signature serves the same purpose as the authentication token in Web2, verifying the user’s identity.
  • Verification by dApp or Blockchain Network: The dApp or blockchain network checks the signature’s validity, allowing the user to proceed if it’s authentic. 

AesirX SSO integrates with AesirX Shield of Privacy - a decentralized identity hub - and Concordium Blockchain to provide comprehensive security. 

AesirX Shield of Privacy protects personal data, while Concordium Blockchain securely manages login details and identity records. Utilizing Concordium’s Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology, users can prove their identity without revealing sensitive information.

Web3 single sign on authentication is super secure because users control their own keys. In centralized systems, a single authority manages user data, making it vulnerable to hacking and data breaches. Decentralized authentication, like Web3, removes this central authority, giving users more control and security over their data. It's a safer and more reliable way to manage digital identities.   

In summary, Web2 authentication is like showing an ID card at a club’s entrance, while Web3 authentication is like using a biometric scan (like fingerprint) to access a high-security facility.

web3 single sign on authentication is super secure because users control their own keys

Key Features and Benefits of AesirX SSO

Unified Authentication Experience: AesirX SSO streamlines access across Web2 and Web3 platforms, providing a seamless authentication experience.

Enhanced Security: Centralizing authentication with robust security measures, AesirX SSO mitigates risks associated with password vulnerabilities.

Improved User Productivity: AesirX SSO reduces time spent on credential management and signing in, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Web3 Compatibility: AesirX SSO’s compatibility with decentralized applications and blockchain networks facilitates secure and trustless authentication processes.

Age & Residency Verification: AesirX SSO verifies user identities with real-world details like age and residency, ensuring secure and compliant online interactions,  especially crucial for e-commerce platforms. 

Integration with Popular Platforms: AesirX SSO provides plugins for easy integration with popular content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, enhancing security and privacy for website logins.

Part of AesirX First-Party Foundation: AesirX SSO is a key component of the AesirX First-Party Foundation, along with solutions like AesirX Shield of Privacy, AesirX Analytics, and AesirX First-Party Server. Together, they lead the shift from third-party tracking to a privacy-focused model, helping businesses comply with privacy laws and protect user data.

Imagine a world where logging into your favorite apps and websites is as easy as a single click. That's the power of AesirX SSO. Our seamless blend of Web2 and Web3 technologies ensures smoother and more secure single sign on authentication, whether you're on traditional websites or decentralized applications.

But we're not stopping there. AesirX SSO also changes the way we approach digital identity management with the integration of Concordium blockchain. The decentralized approach prioritizes user privacy and security, allowing them to take control of their online presence. Plus, as part of the AesirX First-Party Foundation, we're leading the way towards a more privacy-focused internet, protecting user data and ensuring compliance with privacy laws.

Experience faster, more secure logins with AesirX SSO - download for free from GitHub (for developers) or explore our range of free to enterprise options by registering here!

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