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Press Release: Launch of AesirX Privacy Scanner & Free eBook!

Nov 21, 202302 minute read

Press Release: Launch of AesirX Privacy Scanner and Free eBook

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Press Release: Launch of AesirX Privacy Scanner and Free eBook

Today Marks a Milestone in Digital Privacy!

NEW YORK, 21 NOV, 2023. AesirX is thrilled to announce the launch of the AesirX Privacy Scanner, a game-changing tool, based on the EDPS Inspection Software developed by the European Union, designed to enhance online privacy and security. Alongside this, They’re releasing a comprehensive eBook, available for free, providing in-depth insights into privacy compliance.

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Introducing the AesirX Privacy Scanner and Free eBook

The AesirX Privacy Scanner offers a full-scale, free report that meticulously scans and identifies privacy issues, helping businesses stay compliant with current privacy laws and regulations. This tool is an essential asset for any organization prioritizing digital safety and compliance.

To complement the scanner, AesirX is offering a detailed eBook called ‘Future of Privacy’ that delves into the nuances of online privacy. This resource is designed to educate and guide businesses through the complex landscape of digital privacy, offering actionable insights and strategies.

Ronni K Gothard Christiansen, Creator of AesirX said, “Our studies show about 90% of websites aren't fully GDPR compliant, underlining a critical need for accessible privacy tools. The AesirX Privacy Scanner, offered for free, helps organizations audit their sites for compliance, ensuring adherence to essential privacy norms."

The Privacy Scanner and an insightful eBook, are more than just tools; they are a step towards transforming how businesses approach online privacy via:

  • Enhanced Compliance: Simplifying the understanding of privacy laws.
  • Education: The eBook is a roadmap to privacy best practices.
  • User-Friendly Design: Designed for easy access to privacy compliance for everyone.

AesirX is committed to fostering a safer, more transparent digital environment. The launch of their Privacy Scanner and the free eBook is a testament to this commitment. AesirX invites everyone to explore these resources and join them in building a more privacy-conscious digital landscape.

About AesirX

AesirX is a global pioneer in privacy-centric and value-oriented digital marketing solutions. With a commitment to data protection and user privacy, AesirX enables businesses and website owners to achieve marketing success while respecting customer rights.

Where to Go Next 

To use AesirX Privacy Scanner for free and to get the eBook, head to https://privacyscanner.aesirx.io


AesirX.io Ltd.

Ronni K Gothard Christiansen, Creator - [email protected]

447 Broadway, 2nd Floor, Suite #1305, New York, NY, US, 10013

For more updates and insights on digital privacy, follow our news and articles at https://aesirx.io/blog/aesirx 

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