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AesirX PIM Helps the Furniture Industry Thrive

Jan 03, 202307 minute read

6 Ways AesirX PIM Helps the Furniture Industry Thrive

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AesirX PIM Helps the Furniture Industry Thrive

In the past few years, because of the global pandemic, we have seen a revolution in customer purchasing methods as people switched from in-person to digital shopping - especially in the furniture industry. Predominantly, browsers used to go online to ‘window shop’ for furniture, then head out to a physical store to test products and complete the purchase there. Now, most furniture customers are prepared to make an online purchase because a) mindsets have changed and b) technology is revolutionizing the online furniture market with better PIM systems, personalization, and interactive applications.

However, switching to online furniture sales can have its disadvantages if businesses don’t create effective marketing strategies, such as inconsistent information or poor omnichannel experiences. AesirX PIM - product information management - is a powerful e-commerce system for all retailers, including furniture manufacturers and sellers, to manage and enhance their product information across all selling platforms.

Accelerate time to market

Time to market refers to the period between the start of furniture manufacturing and the sale of the first unit. Many factors contribute to an increase in time to market. Among these, delayed data integration is the most blameworthy.

Delayed data integration happens due to siloed product data received from disparate systems in heterogeneous environments. To make it simpler, this occurs when product information is delivered inefficiently from manufacturers to other sources, including distributors and retailers. Because data inconsistencies negatively slow the time to market, it exhausts manual and duplicate work, affecting manufacturing times and supply chain efficiency.

AesirX PIM can be helpful in this case.

With a user-friendly category list and search capability to find information, an integrated AesirX PIM will keep the necessary data for all products on a single platform. Depending on each brand’s requirements, PIM flexibly maintains data. PIM-based consistent data management therefore enables furniture businesses to speed up product development, from design to manufacturing to showroom.

aesirx pims help speed up product developmentAesirX PIMs help speed up product development

Adapt to consumerism trends

Customers are now demanding more intricate and affordable items, which is challenging for the furniture industry. Businesses face various difficulties, such as the need to quickly adapt to new technologies, industry 4.0's focus on linked machinery, ensuring smoothness in the lifecycle of products, and ensuring a product is in demand on the market. Once these difficulties continue and online shoppers can't discover the desired product information on a furniture site, they will look it up elsewhere.

How can AesirX PIM help solve this?

Solid PIM systems like AesirX PIM offer different features that can create data solutions, making intuitive sense to business end-users. PIM enables furniture companies to create reliable, attractive product content faster by accelerating their digital initiatives. Moreover, if the issue of product data management is resolved and the time to market is shortened, businesses will save a considerable amount of time which employees might utilize to focus on other creative projects and develop modern, cutting-edge products. As a result, customers won't be given out-of-date products.

ever changing consumerism trends make furniture industry constant changeEver-changing consumerism trends make furniture industry constant change

Eliminate data silos

A data silo refers to the central data repository of one business that is run by a single department and kept separate from the rest of the company. Siloed data is frequently incompatible with other data sets and is typically stored in a standalone system, which is challenging for other divisions of the company to access and utilize the data.

This problem makes it equally difficult for furniture enterprises to offer consumers product data exports and make product sales. Large furniture firms frequently experience data silos since different business divisions may function independently. On top of that, duplicate data platforms and processes arise from inconsistent departmental data, which wastes time and degrades performance.

However, if a company has a well-thought-out data management strategy, or as we would say, an integrated AesirX PIM, it can eliminate data silos.

  • For manufacturers, AesirX PIM system can boost operational efficiency, transform communication with suppliers, and enhance data accuracy to speed up business growth and revenue.
  • Speaking of sales and marketing departments, a PIM solution can help them handle the increasing data variety and volume, track raw materials, manage new product introductions, and eliminate data silos.

Improve multi-channel product experiences

Nowadays, many furniture companies pursue the approach of multi-channel marketing and e-commerce, which relies on where and how the customers see their products. Going hand in hand with this approach is the difficulty of scaling their businesses internationally, which entails selling worldwide and growing global e-commerce (Amazon, eBay, etc.)

By enhancing product data with a PIM, this concern can be turned into opportunities for better product experiences, generating compelling interactions across consumer touch points.

AesirX PIM’s integration with Data Asset Management (DAM) allows businesses to flexibly collect and store digital information for better data management. PIM offers a single point of entry for product data, but it gives you various options to export data to accommodate the governance and hierarchy of your input channels. In other words, using a single platform, AesirX PIM tools may generate, manage, and distribute your product catalogs across a variety of web channels.

Current channel categories of AesirX PIM Include:

  • E-commerce (redSHOP, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Shopify, Magento).
  • CMS Channels (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal).

More categories including Marketplaces, ERP, and Search Engine are being developed and will soon be released in 2023.

aesirx pim allows product distribution on multiple channelsAesirX PIM allows product distribution on multiple channels

Decrease business costs

The AesirX PIM is an effective product that dramatically lowers supply chain costs. With accurate measurement data in hand, furniture firms will be less concerned about shipping errors, which cost a lot of money, time, and effort,

Also, AesirX PIM offers a trustworthy and accurate data source that many departments can use, resulting in a cut in wasteful tasks and reduced duplicate work. Employees can then devote their time to other high-quality duties, which contributes to the effective use of human resources.

Finally, if errors are less likely to occur during the production, shipping, and sales processes, IT costs will be greatly decreased as well.

aesirx pim saves your business money in many waysAesirX PIM saves your business money in many ways

Increased Security

AesirX PIM includes AesirX SSO - Single Sign On. This service uses Web3/Concordium technology, giving users access to various platforms with a single web3 wallet. More decentralization, convenience, and security.

Concordium blockchain zero knowledge ID technology is a protocol used to confirm digital identities. Once integrated with AesirX SSO, it allows users to access multiple applications via web3 wallets, instead of via username/password. In particular, this feature lets users keep their identities and personal information, which adds an extra layer of security while still giving data consent to users.

The loss of client data from DreamHost, one of the most well-known web servers, will explain the significance of tightening network security and safeguarding consumer information. DreamHost unintentionally exposed a database. The result was a massive client data leak, which included usernames and passwords. According to estimates, 815 million records were targeted for theft.

All of the clients were worried about the potential exposure of their personal information. However, despite DreamHost's claim that the database did not contain any personally identifying information, some experts appear to dispute this claim.

This story teaches businesses how important it is to protect corporate data. When a company experiences a breach, it frequently indicates that the clients will also be impacted. This could ultimately lead to higher costs to solve the issues, plus lost income.

Web3 wallet integration also provides decentralized consent, allowing users to consent for their online data to be used and hence take back control of data privacy. Users clearly have the right to know what data is being taken and for what purposes. Additionally, Concordium technology's multiple protection layers and commitment to protecting client information can stop data breaches and theft.

Reach Success with AesirX PIM!

AesirX PIM can be used by any type of business, not just the furniture industry, to create, manage, and publish product catalogs across multiple online channels from one single platform.

All data collected and stored by any AesirX Solution (via AesirX Analytics) is first-party, meaning there are no third-party tracking cookies. This unique feature ensures that AesirX technology is ethical and GDPR compliant.

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