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How to Create an Automated Marketing Campaign with AesirX Marketing Automation Platform

Apr 10, 202404 minute read

How to Create an Automated Marketing Campaign with AesirX Marketing Automation Platform

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How to Create an Automated Marketing Campaign with AesirX Marketing Automation Platform

Feeling overwhelmed by the endless tasks of managing your online presence? Then you're not alone. With 76% of companies already turning to marketing automation and a whopping 91% of marketers swearing by its effectiveness, is it time to start using automation tools? [1]

If you’re a little apprehensive, AesirX Marketing Automation Platform makes it easy for you to create digital content, make personalized marketing campaigns, and post on social media across many different channels. 

But what’s unique about AesirX’s marketing automation tool is that it ensures authentic human interaction - no fakes or bots! You can engage real audiences through the on-chain verification and authentication feature.

Keep reading our “How To...” guide on creating an automated marketing campaign using AesirX's Marketing Automation tool.

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Understanding AesirX Marketing Automation Platform

AesirX Marketing Automation Platform is a helpful tool for anyone wanting to save time and streamline their marketing tasks. It's a bit like having an assistant that handles creating and posting on social media, as well as other marketing jobs, without you needing to do them manually. 

This platform allows users to access it through two distinct methods:

  • Cloud: You can use it online without installing anything.
  • Self-Hosted: You can download it to your own server for full flexibility.

It uses Web3 technology, like Concordium blockchain, to enhance digital experiences by protecting identities, content, and assets. It does this by connecting with and verifying the identity of social media posters, giving your audience peace of mind that the content is truly from you, making your automated marketing funnel more reliable.

understanding aesirx marketing automation platform

Steps to Create a Successful Automated Marketing Campaign with AesirX

Automated marketing campaigns save time and resources by simplifying tasks, reducing errors, and boosting revenue. With the AesirX Marketing Automation Platform, you can create personalized campaigns while prioritizing user privacy. Here's how to get started:

Step 1: Register and Install the Platform

If you've opted for the self-hosted option:

If you prefer the cloud option:

  • Register your account on the platform.
  • There are five tiers available with varying prices and benefits, starting from Free.
  • Upon registration, you'll receive an email asking you to create your Shield of Privacy ID. This ID serves as your passport to log in to the platform securely.
  • Reset your password as per the instructions provided in the email.
  • Connect your Shield of Privacy ID with your Concordium wallet. If you don't have one, create it.
  • Once setup is done, just log in with your Shield of Privacy ID to start using AesirX marketing automation on the dApp

Step 2: Understand the Platform’s Capabilities

Familiarize yourself with AesirX Marketing Automation Platform's features, including:

  • Posts: Create and manage content efficiently.
  • Digital Assets: Store and access digital assets (images and videos) effortlessly.
  • Projects: Track progress and collaborate effectively with your team.
  • Campaigns: Plan, execute, and monitor your marketing campaigns seamlessly.
  • Channels: Manage various marketing channels from a centralized platform.
  • Calendar: Sync all marketing activities with a calendar for better scheduling and organization.

familiarize yourself with aesirx marketing automation platforms features

Step 3: Plan Your Campaign

Determine your marketing objectives and target audience. Use AesirX Analytics to gain insights into customer behavior and preferences, which will help you plan your campaign strategy.

AesirX Analytics is GDPR compliant and provides detailed information about website traffic, user interactions, and conversion rates. Because it is based on user consent, you can be confident in its accuracy and compliance, which will help you optimize your marketing efforts efficiently.

Step 4: Create and Manage Content

Begin by creating your project and campaign, naming them appropriately for easy organization. In the Channels section, connect the channels where you want to distribute your content.

Next, head to the Posts section and use the ChatGPT integration to create compelling content that resonates with your audience and aligns with your message. You can choose images or videos from your Digital Assets library to complement your posts effectively.

Step 5: Automate Your Campaign

After creating your content, decide whether to post immediately or schedule it for a specific date and time using the calendar feature.

Once your posts are successfully delivered to your chosen channels, they will be marked with a note indicating that they are posted by your ID verified by AesirX Shield of Privacy. This verification is confirmed on-chain by Concordium, ensuring the authenticity of your content. Additionally, your images will be enhanced with automated identity watermarks, adding an extra layer of validation and reinforcing your online credibility. 

verification is confirmed on chain by concordium

Step 6: Monitor and Optimize

Utilize the analytics feature to track your automated marketing campaign's performance. Analyze the results to make data-driven decisions and optimize your strategies for better outcomes. This feature will be available soon.  

Step 7: Stay Compliant

AesirX Marketing Automation Platform, integrated with web3 technology, ensures GDPR and CCPA compliance for all your marketing activities. This means you can confidently set up automated marketing campaigns and deliver personalized content without worrying about privacy laws. The Shield of Privacy ID, linked with Concordium wallet, protects user data and privacy, granting them full control over their data, including the ability to manage or revoke consent for data collection while browsing online.

Build your personalized automated marketing campaign effortlessly and experience cutting-edge technology like AI, blockchain and web3. Begin your success story with AesirX today!

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