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Democratizing Access to Investing: AesirX's Community Investor Rounds and Comprehensive Value Proposition

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democratizing investing aesirx s community investor rounds

At AesirX, we’re committed to democratizing access to investment opportunities and creating a vibrant community. In this blog post, we will explore AesirX's Community Investor Rounds and delve into the comprehensive value proposition we offer, including NFT ownership, staking, the Affiliate2Earn Partner Program, the Share2Earn Community Program, the Developer Incentive Program, and the Developer Events Incentive Program.

Community Investor Rounds

AesirX's Community Investor Rounds provide an inclusive investment opportunity for community members. Through the Community Seed Round, Community Private Round, and Community Public Round, individuals can invest in AesirX's vision and become valuable stakeholders in our success.

Token Value Proposition

Community investors benefit from the unique token value proposition associated with each round. Tokens purchased during the Community Seed Round at $0.10 hold substantial value as they can be used at a discounted rate of $0.50 USD when acquiring AesirX Licenses in our License Shop. This provides investors with a significant advantage, enabling them to access our powerful solutions at a reduced cost.

License Resale Program

Participants in the Community Investor Rounds have the opportunity to earn substantial returns through our license resale program. By purchasing licenses from AesirX and reselling them to customers, investors can enjoy a bonus of 500%, 333%, or 200% based on the round they participated in. This program offers an avenue for maximizing returns on investment.

aesirx license resale program

NFT Ownership

Through NFT ownership, community members gain exclusive access to a range of benefits. By acquiring an Enterprise, Team, or Growth NFT, individuals become holders of $ASIRX tokens, aligning their interests with the success of AesirX. NFT owners also gain access to various community programs and initiatives.

Staking and Profit Share

AesirX offers the opportunity to stake $ASIRX tokens, enabling participants to earn a share of profits generated from AesirX license sales. By staking their tokens, community members contribute to the ecosystem's growth and participate in the financial success of AesirX.

Affiliate2Earn Partner Program

Our Affiliate2Earn Partner Program allows community members to earn a generous 25% commission for successful referrals to AesirX. By sharing our solutions and attracting new customers, participants can generate passive income while actively contributing to our ecosystem's expansion.

affiliate2earn partner program

Share2Earn Community Program

AesirX values community engagement and insights. Through the Share2Earn Community Program, participants are incentivized to share their experiences, provide feedback, and actively engage with our projects. This program fosters collaboration and knowledge exchange within our vibrant community.

Developer Incentive Program and Developer Events Incentive Program

AesirX recognizes the invaluable contributions of developers and actively supports their involvement. Our Developer Incentive Program rewards open-source developers who contribute to AesirX projects. Additionally, the Developer Events Incentive Program allocates resources to organize and support developer-focused events, facilitating collaboration and innovation within our community.

developer incentive program and developer events incentive program

AesirX's Community Investor Rounds and comprehensive value proposition offer community members a range of opportunities to participate, contribute, and benefit from our ecosystem. Through NFT ownership, staking, the Affiliate2Earn Partner Program, the Share2Earn Community Program, the Developer Incentive Program, and the Developer Events Incentive Program, individuals can actively shape the future of AesirX while enjoying financial rewards and community engagement.

To learn more about AesirX's Community Investor Rounds and explore the comprehensive value proposition, visit and join our vibrant community. Ltd.

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