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Protect Your Digital Assets: Enhancing Compliance and Security with AesirX DAM System

May 13, 202405 minute read

Protect Your Digital Assets: Enhancing Compliance and Security with AesirX DAM System

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Enhancing Compliance and Security with DAM Systems

Did you know? Every day, there are about 2,244 attacks on the internet! That's nearly one every 39 seconds. And globally, around 30,000 websites get hacked daily, with 300,000 new harmful software popping up each day.[1]

Now, imagine if your company's digital possessions were at risk. Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems like AesirX DAM play a vital role here. They act as a central hub for storing, organizing, and sharing all your digital content. With AesirX DAM, your assets are shielded from threats and hackers. Plus, it's backed by Concordium's blockchain tech for extra security.

By using AesirX DAM, businesses can protect their digital assets, reputation, and stay compliant with regulations. Continue reading to learn how AesirX enhances security and compliance in its DAM system, ensuring your digital assets are always safe and secure.

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Why Do We Need to Protect Digital Assets?

Digital assets include everything from important documents to brand logos and customer data. Protecting these assets is important. Here's why:

  • Preventing Data Breach: Businesses store sensitive data, like customer information and trade secrets. A DAM system with strong security measures acts like a safe, keeping this information locked away from hackers and leaks. 
  • Meeting Compliance Requirements: Different industries have strict rules about handling data. Good content security helps companies follow these rules, avoiding fines and legal issues.
  • Protecting Intellectual Property: Companies often have valuable ideas and inventions. A secure DAM system prevents unauthorized access to these assets and safeguards them from theft.
  • Addressing Insider Threats: Threats can come from within the company, either accidentally or intentionally. A reliable DAM system enhances content security by monitoring user behavior and access to prevent potential breaches.
  • Ensuring Business Continuity: Disruptions can happen, like server failures or data loss. Having backups and emergency plans with DAM systems keeps operations running smoothly, minimizing downtime and ensuring customer service.

why do we need to protect digital assets

AesirX DAM System Provides Security and Compliance in Digital Asset Management

AesirX DAM is a secure and compliant digital asset management platform built with Web3 technology. This includes using Concordium blockchain, smart contracts, and decentralized storage. Here's how AesirX DAM system ensures high security and compliance:

1. Secure Authentication with SSO Integration

To improve security and compliance, AesirX DAM uses key authentication features, particularly when providing access to external users.

It uses AesirX Single Sign On (SSO) to ensure logins are safeguarded. SSO allows users to access the system securely without sharing passwords across multiple platforms, protecting sensitive information. 

AesirX SSO makes logging in simpler by letting you use your Web3 wallet as a digital key, eliminating the need for passwords and reducing breach risks. Concordium's advanced security tech keeps your information safe. 

Additionally, AesirX DAM with SSO enables custom user authentication based on roles and departments. This means that only authorized individuals, based on their roles, have access to specific assets, thereby increasing security.

2. Data Compliance with Decentralization

Any business should prioritize data privacy compliance because noncompliance can be costly. AesirX DAM system meets this need by providing privacy-focused solutions.

AesirX DAM offers options for storing data locally or globally, all designed to comply with the most recent regulations such as GDPR or CCPA.

One standout feature is its decentralized storage, which distributes data across multiple locations for increased security and control. Unlike centralized systems used by big tech companies, where all data is stored in one place and vulnerable to hacking, decentralized storage makes it significantly harder for hackers to access all the data at once. It's like safeguarding your digital assets by spreading them out across a network of secure locations, making it almost impossible for unauthorized access. 

Moreover, AesirX DAM can be integrated with a decentralized identity management solution called AesirX Shield of Privacy. This solution gives businesses and their customers complete control over their online data, allowing them to determine how and where their data is used online. This aligns with the principle of data minimization and consent mechanism in GDPR.

maximizing digital asset management efficiency with aesirx dam

Maximizing Digital Asset Management Efficiency with AesirX DAM

AesirX DAM goes beyond security and compliance; it optimizes the entire system for peak performance with added features and benefits.

1. Customization and Flexibility

AesirX DAM is an open source Progressive Web App (PWA)-powered DAM solution. It offers the flexibility and customization large enterprises need. Unlike proprietary systems, AesirX DAM allows organizations to adjust and enhance the code to match their unique requirements, all while maintaining high security. 

Download AesirX DAM from GitHub, install, and start customizing today!

2. Streamlined Workflows

AesirX DAM simplifies global distribution of images, videos, and files through seamless integration with Content Delivery Network (CDN) technology. By automating tasks like file compression, metadata tagging, and distribution, it reduces manual effort, freeing up time for creative work and strategic initiatives, thereby driving efficiency and productivity. 

3. Integration Capabilities

AesirX DAM system seamlessly works with tools like AesirX Marketing Automation Platform. This means you can easily share content and digital assets from the Marketing Automation Platform to your social media channels. Your posts are thoroughly verified and securely recorded on the blockchain, and your images can be automatically watermarked for authenticity. 

Plus, AesirX DAM integrates smoothly with AesirX Product Information Management (PIM) for simple management of e-commerce product details. Using blockchain and NFT technology, it ensures your products are authentic and have traceable supply chains, enhancing customer trust with clear product journeys.

AesirX DAM system, backed by cutting-edge Web3 technology, offers strong security, compliance, and efficiency for managing digital assets. With strict controls, GDPR compliance, and secure authentication, it keeps your assets safe and simplifies compliance.

Plus, AesirX DAM streamlines asset management with automated workflows and easy integration with other tools, boosting asset usage for e-commerce and marketing.

Ready to securely manage your digital assets with AesirX DAM? Select from our range of plans, from Community (free) to Enterprise, to perfectly align with your objectives.


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