AesirX DMA is the world’s first FOSS for SoME

AesirX DMA, the world’s first Free Open Source platform for Social Media.

calendar iconMay 28, 2022

Today we are proud to release our AesirX - Digital Marketing Automation PWA 1.0 that provides FREE Open Source (FOSS) fully customizable Social Media Digital Marketing Automation Platform where we do the delivery as a Service (DMAaaS) for free. 

What is AesirX?

Customer Experience & Staff Experience are at the focus point of Digital Transformation in 2022, and we are excited to enable the evolution of organizations globally with our AesirX Solution Series. 

In the past decade, we have invented and developed Aesir - the world's only actionable 1st-party data digital experience platform that is legally compliant and privacy-first. Aesir enables our customers and our partners’ customer journeys in the most meaningful way by utilizing qualitative behavioral data to personalize each customer experience.

And today, we are proud to announce the release of AesirX - Digital Marketing Automation platform - providing FREE open-source social media Digital Marketing Automation as a Service (DMAaaS).

Don’t pay for SoMe DMA again

Almost 92% of businesses with 100+ employees used social media for marketing purposes in 2021. So it's no surprise that social media is still an important component of many marketing initiatives and a top focus for marketers and agencies.

Using social media management tools to deliver SoMe content is convenient and helpful, yet something that can add $$$s onto an already tight budget. 

Popular Hootsuite and Buffer may have led the social-media-only management tools market for SoMe Digital Marketing Automation for a number of years.

Until now!

AesirX DMA - our gift to the world

As a former board member at Open Source Matters, Inc. (OSM - the not-for-profit organization behind the CMS Joomla) and many working groups as a contributor for more than a decade, our founder, Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen has led the initiative not just to reshape the world of digital marketing but also to democratize technology to the world. 

AesirX - Digital Marketing Automation will not only save you up to 80% on working time and money spent on Digital Marketing by automating and optimizing the Staff Experience, but it also won’t cost you anything to automate your social media marketing - because we made it free.

Why pay money for 5 SoMe channels when we give you 8+ for free?

AesirX DMA is based on a FREE open-source (FOSS) version of the Progressive Web Application (PWA), which enables any frontend capable agency, supplier, or staff from anywhere in the world to customize their very own staff experience - and we offer Digital Marketing Automation as a Service (DMAaaS) for FREE. 

AesirX DMA - Mail, Ads, Ecommerce, CMS, DXP, and more

AesirX offers much more than just SoMe Digital Marketing Automation, in fact, we offer support for more channels than any other provider and if you wish to upgrade from the Community Open Source edition, we offer 3 tiers that are self-hosted and self-managed from only $49 per month, as well as a fully-managed, serviced, and hosted Enterprise version that offers total customization to maximize the staff experience.

AesirX DMA naturally also integrates with AesirX Digital Assets Management (DAM) as a Service, which offers friendly and easy access to all the media needed for automating the digital marketing process. 

AesirX DMA & DAM as a Service is delivered fully compliant with global & regional data and compliance regulations. Additionally, it has support for complex workflow, roles, and organizational structures at Enterprise level to ensure the optimal automation process flows in large-scale organizations. 



Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen
Creator of AesirX

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