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Generous Commission up to 25%

Scale Your Business With AesirX Solutions

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Enhance Operations

Streamline operations with automated data protection: experience notable improvements to your daily workflow.

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Advanced Privacy Solutions

Offer advanced Web2 & Web3 solutions for unparalleled data privacy quickly & efficiently.

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Compliance Made Simple

Ensure GDPR compliance & first-party data security for your clients with our blockchain-based structure.

How AesirX  Benefits Your Agency

How AesirX Benefits Your Agency

Gain exclusive access to AesirX's advanced GDPR tools and privacy solutions to ensure client compliance and security.

Earn a substantial 25% commission on sales, providing a lucrative revenue stream for your agency while promoting AesirX's privacy-focused solutions.

Receive priority access to support and resources, ensuring quick resolutions and ongoing assistance to effectively manage client needs and enhance operational efficiency.

Give Your Agency the Seamless Edge

Decentralized Data Model
Cookieless TrackingPossible
First-Party DataPossiblePossible
First-Party Consent
First-Party Leads (Coming Soon)
Cross-Site Marketing
Compliance (GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA)SeamlessPossiblePossiblePossiblePossible
Consent Requirement (ePD 5.3)SeamlessPossible
Attractive Referral Programs

Attractive Referral Programs

The Affiliate2Earn program is AesirX’s professional partnership program

Earn Commissions

Up to 25% in sales commissions by attracting customers to AesirX Business Suite.

Flexible Commission Options

Standard Commission: Registered affiliate partners earn a 10% commission, paid in fiat.

Enhanced Commission: Opt to earn your commission in $AESIRX tokens* (i), increasing your commission rate to 25% (i).

Shield of Privacy Benefits

ID Authenticated Digital Experiences

ID Verified Social Media Posting

Product & NFT Creator Tools

Product Authentication

Reclaim Your Privacy

Decentralized Consent

Share2Earn & Contribute2Earn Rewards

Simplified Secure Access

Single Sign On (Web2+Web3)

Age & Residency Verification

Shield of Privacy Benefits

Flexible partnership
options for your unique goals

Use your bonus to purchase various AesirX software licenses, giving you essential tools without the additional cost. Enjoy authenticated digital experiences, secure access, and more with these complimentary licenses.

Team $99Team $99



Ideal for freelancers & small agencies.

  • $188 USD worth of AesirX Licenses (redeemable in $AESIRX)
  • 10% Affiliate2Earn Commission on All License and Service Sales (redeemable in $AESIRX)
  • First-Party Foundation Licenses & Access to Partner Advantages
Growth $249Growth $249



Perfect for mid-sized & growing businesses

  • $830 USD worth of AesirX Licenses (redeemable in $AESIRX)
  • 15% Affiliate2Earn Commission on All License and Service Sales (redeemable in $AESIRX)
  • First-Party Foundation Licenses & Access to Partner Advantages
Enterprise $1000Enterprise $1000



Tailored for large agencies & enterprises.

  • $5000 USD worth of AesirX Licenses (redeemable in $AESIRX)
  • 25% Affiliate2Earn Commission on All License and Service Sales (redeemable in $AESIRX)
  • First-Party Foundation Licenses & Access to Partner Advantages
  • Priority Partner Support Access

* $AESIRX is a virtual currency token that can be used to purchase AesirX Software Licenses

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Your gateway to offering advanced data privacy solutions while enhancing your agency’s reputation and earning commissions.

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Register for AesirX Shield of Privacy & select your tier. Quick & easy registration helps you start earning commissions fast.

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Share AesirX with your audience. Use our materials, referral links, & resources to effectively promote our solutions.

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Earn up to 25% commission for each successful referral. Grow your earnings by introducing businesses to AesirX's technology.

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