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Join the AesirX partner program

Become part of the AesirX global network and together we can deliver world-class technology solutions and lead the fight for data privacy

Join the AesirX partner

Grow your business by offering the AesirX Solutions.

AesirX is a series of Web2 + Web3 solutions that overcome data abuse in the tech industry by adding a decentralized structure based on blockchain technology to further protect users’ identities and expand on the existing functionality of Web2.

Our solutions put privacy first and comply with new data regulations in a cookieless world. AesirX makes compliance simple for marketers across the globe.

AesirX is looking to recruit Digital Agencies, IT Solution Agencies, and IT Solution Consultancies, among others, to become part of AesirX’s international partner network and offer the AesirX Solution Series.

Become a partner

Become a partner

Expand your business by offering AesirX Solutions and get expertise in tomorrow’s MarTech.

AesirX consists of 20 digital marketing systems that can be integrated into a single platform to cover all customer needs.

Learn how becoming an AesirX Partner will grow your business.


Why become an Logo image Partner ?

Become a Digital Pioneer

Be the first in the market to offer solutions that respect privacy, are regulatory compliant, and highly competitive.

One-Stop Shop

The AesirX Solutions series covers all aspects of digital marketing. By offering AesirX, you can cover all your clients’ needs.

No Cost

Become a partner without costs. We are looking for Partners to join our journey.

A Global Family

AesirX covers the globe. As a Partner, you will get access to information and knowledge from our global community.

Industry-Leading Training

Join and get access to training and instruction on AesirX’s industry-leading technology and its application.

Grow your Business

Be able to offer leading MarTech solutions. Take your percentage of sales, up to 50%.

How to become a partner

Submit your AesirX application

Submit your AesirX application

Fill in the form and join the AesirX community
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Fast tracked  qualification process

Fast tracked qualification process

Our team stands ready to process your application and get you started

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Start offering  AesirX solution series

Start offering AesirX solution series

After becoming a partner, gain access to training in using, developing, and reselling the AesirX Solution Series
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Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen

Logo image 1st-party marketing platform is the next necessary step for protecting privacy rights in a digitalizing world.

Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen

Creator, AesirX

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