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Press Release: New CMS with Web2 plus Web3 technology

Dec 23, 202203 minute read

Press Release: Upgrade your CMS with Web2 plus Web3 technology

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press release new cms with web2 plus web3 technology

NEW YORK - Dec. 23, 2022, AesirX release their ground-breaking MetaVerse CMS to the Open Source Community, with privacy-first technology and Web2+Web3 integrations. This includes Concordium blockchain zero knowledge ID for added security and privacy. AesirX MCMS comes as number 6 out of 20 AesirX Solutions in two years to help all businesses gain access to free or lower-entry-price technology to help them evolve and to democratize technology to the world.

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AesirX MetaVerse CMS (MCMS) is a CMS that uses Web2 with Web3 technology. It works as a more sophisticated version of the traditional CMS so that you can build your business online and publish content more effectively and securely. The roadmap includes NFTs and decentralized open APIs to make the headless CMS the center of the user experience.

Most of the time, illegal third-party tracking cookies are used to collect customers’ online information for profit, but AesirX MCMS is different. It’s part of a series of marketing technology solutions that are breaking new ground by only ever collecting first-party behavioral data to improve the user experience. That means no more online data abuse, annoying ads, or junk mail for your users as a result of your marketing efforts - it’s respectful to your customers while still delivering results.

Today, AesirX MCMS is available to download Open Source from GitHub and to use the Community Edition for free. There are a further four tiers ranging from $49 to a fully hosted and managed Enterprise edition, so it’s perfect for any sized organization, from single marketers to enterprise-level businesses.

It integrates with existing business systems and all AesirX Solutions, so as an example, with the free Community Edition, you get included: [1] Digital Asset Management with 100MB of data storage; [2] Digital Marketing Automation tool to automate up to 100 social posts per day; [3] Compliant web Analytics platform to gather 1st-party data in real time;
[4] Business Intelligence dashboard which provides customer insights for better user experience; [5] Single Sign On service for any JavaScript-based website or app also using Concordium blockchain zero knowledge ID technology - an authentication protocol used to confirm digital identities, and therefore offers an added layer of security while allowing users to remain private. Plus many other features, which, combined, become the key to digital marketing workflow automation and cross-site data tracking, retargeting, and pre-targeting.

As we move toward a GDPR-compliant world that puts privacy first and doesn't use 3rd-party cookies, it's important for users to have control over their data consent so that companies don't own, control, or abuse our data.

If you want to update your CMS (or any other marketing technology) to scale up your business without increasing spend while delivering better customer experiences, AesirX is the future of web content publishing!

You can also download AesirX MCMS Free from GitHub.


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