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AesirX's advanced open source CRM simplifies sales

Mar 01, 202304 minute read

Press Release: Simplify sales activities with AesirX's advanced open source CRM solution

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AesirX's advanced open source CRM simplifies sales

NEW YORK - Mar. 01, 2023 – AesirX is revolutionizing customer relationship management, launching its innovative and cost-effective open source CRM solution.

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Businesses can maximize their potential by efficiently advancing each opportunity towards a successful closure, regardless of their current stage, and getting the most out of their CRM with AesirX CRMaaS.

AesirX CRM is the ultimate solution for all customer relationship management needs. Their innovative CRM solution is designed to make managing customer interactions simple, efficient, and cost-effective. With AesirX CRM, anyone can centralize all customer data in one convenient place, giving easy access to important information.

AesirX CRM seamlessly integrates with all other AesirX Solutions, providing a complete digital marketing suite to track customer interactions across multiple platforms and gain valuable insights into customer behavior. These insights can be used to improve marketing and sales strategies, leading to greater success for businesses.

Open source AesirX CRM provides unparalleled flexibility for any business wanting a CRM that’s easily applicable in all software environments. They offer a freemium Community edition ideal for small businesses and four more optional tiers for growing organizations. Anyone can customize their CRM to fit their unique business needs with AesirX’s Enterprise-ready productivity suite with advanced features for those that need them.

AesirX prioritizes privacy and complies with GDPR regulations by utilizing only 1st-party data. Their security solutions are state-of-the-art and incorporate both Web2 and Web3 technologies, with the added security layer of Concordium's zero knowledge ID.

With AesirX CRM, users can collect and manage all contacts in one place, organize and manage relations with customers and prospects to develop stronger relationships, manage and track all sales activities, and fully comply with GDPR regulations. Additionally, AesirX’s optional fully managed Platform as a Service provides hosting, management, service, and 24/7 support.

organizations can choose the pricing tier that best suits their business needs

Organizations can choose the pricing tier that best suits their business needs and begin their project right away.

AesirX CRM Pricing Tiers

  • Community (Open Source)
  • Starter ($49/month)
  • Team ($99/month)
  • Growth ($249/month)
  • Enterprise ($1000/month)

AesirX CRM Features

  • Contact, Company, Opportunity, and List Group management
  • Email Marketing
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) Web2 + Web3
  • Cross-Site Tracking (Analytics + SSO)
  • AesirX PIM, DAM, SSO, Analytics, and Shield of Privacy seamless integration
  • Personalization (coming soon)
  • Access Level Controls (coming soon)
  • Translation Management (coming soon)

aesirx crm is the ultimate solution for streamlining customer relationship management

Customer Relationship Management is not merely a business strategy, but a powerful philosophy that empowers organizations to foster enduring connections with their customers, “ says Sarah Watz, AesirX Global Ambassador and Partner Director. “With the effective use of the AesirX CRM, companies can embrace this approach wholeheartedly and unleash the full potential of their customer relationships, leading to greater loyalty, advocacy, and ultimately, business success! I urge all organizations to leverage the capabilities of AesirX CRM, which is not only privacy-first focused and GDPR compliant but also ensures the highest standards of data protection and security. Let's build trust with our customers by delivering exceptional experiences while safeguarding their privacy!”

Overall, AesirX CRM is the ultimate solution for streamlining customer relationship management. It's a cost-effective and user-friendly system that can help businesses of any size organize and manage their customer interactions, develop stronger relationships, and improve their marketing and sales strategies. 

AesirX CRM can help businesses overcome the challenges of managing customer relationships and achieve greater success. By streamlining processes, AesirX CRM can enable businesses to better manage their interactions with customers and improve customer satisfaction.

Anyone can DOWNLOAD AesirX CRM today from GitHub and discover the power of streamlined customer relationship management. 

About AesirX

AesirX is developing the world's leading privacy-focused and value-driven digital marketing solutions. 

Built on the core principles of Open Source and decentralization, AesirX’s goal is to make a revolutionary new digital marketing suite that puts integrity first, respects customer privacy, and keeps data safe. 

Over the course of two years, AesirX is delivering 20 different marketing platforms and solutions to face 2023’s tracking cookies ban head-on and address the current problems of retargeting and illegal third-party data tactics. 

Privacy is embedded into the design using unique technology such as a locally hosted JavaScript solution that gathers and stores data legally and compliantly in accordance with GDPR and other regional legislation. 

Advanced security measures are integrated into AesirX Solutions to protect users’ personal data. Their Single Sign On utilizes Concordium's pioneering zero Knowledge (zK) technology and Web3 Wallets for a more straightforward, secure, and faster login experience on any platform.

Go to for more information. 


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