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Simplify marketing with AesirX Marketing Automation Platform

Jan 05, 202404 minute read

Simplify marketing with AesirX Marketing Automation Platform

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Simplify marketing with AesirX Marketing Automation Platform

A whopping 77% of marketers think that social media marketing is effective for business. So when it comes to creating engaging content and delivering it across multiple platforms, why is it that so many brands still struggle to make a lasting impact? 

Finding the right balance between creativity and consistency is key. It's important to tell compelling stories AND have a consistent voice across channels.

Standing out isn't just about being loud; it's about being strategically and authentically present.

og simplify marketing with aesirx marketing automation platform

In this quest for an impactful digital presence, marketing automation becomes a vital ally.

It helps you create, schedule, and run posts while keeping everything organized and manageable.

But it's clear that automation alone doesn't cut it for all your social media and marketing needs.

Enter AesirX Marketing Automation Platform - a powerful solution that goes beyond just automation. It's an all-encompassing toolkit: your creative partner for content creation, a digital asset manager, and a versatile cross-channel posting tool. 

What's more, it's integrated with web3 technology, ensuring the utmost data privacy and security for your business and its customers. 

Understanding AesirX Marketing Automation Platform in Depth

AesirX Marketing Automation Platform, formerly known as AesirX DMA (Digital Marketing Automation), streamlines marketing so you can optimize content, automate tasks, and schedule campaigns across multiple channels quickly and easily.  

Its single-dashboard design connects various channels, including social media and CMS, enabling marketers to achieve more while saving time, money, and effort.

Furthermore, the platform's integration with web3 tech and Concordium blockchain introduces a new level of decentralization. This advancement ensures data privacy and control for users, providing a secure and transparent digital marketing environment. 

Adopting AesirX Marketing Automation Platform not only boosts operational efficiency and security but also aligns businesses with the burgeoning web3 economy.

aesirx marketing automation platform with web3 integrations for online data ownership security and trust

AesirX Marketing Automation Platform with Web3 Integrations for online data ownership, security, and trust

7 Wins with AesirX Marketing Automation Platform 

1. Create engaging content with ChatGPT

ChatGPT is now integrated with AesirX Marketing Automation Platform to help you generate and improve your content. This feature allows you to create compelling messages that will entice and engage your customers. 

2. Plan and monitor content effortlessly

Use our unified calendar and dashboard to manage your marketing campaigns and projects with ease. Meticulously plan and monitor your marketing efforts, stay ahead of upcoming events, and make necessary adjustments in real time.

3. Post content efficiently across channels

Managing posts across multiple channels can be time-consuming and is less effective for targeting key customer groups. AesirX Marketing Automation Platform streamlines this by automating posts to 6 social channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Telegram, and LinkedIn Groups), 2 publishing platforms (Tumblr and Medium), and 2 CMSs (WordPress and Drupal) all for free. 

4. Keep digital assets centralized and organized

The Digital Asset Manager (DAM) built into AesirX Marketing Automation Platform simplifies the storage and organization of assets such as images and videos. It creates a secure and organized environment for your files, making it easier to collaborate and access what you need quickly. 

5. Automate identity watermarks for authenticity 

Automate identity watermarks on your images with AesirX, adding a validation layer and acting as a digital authenticity seal. These watermarks enhance your online credibility, protect your visual content from misuse, and improve brand recognition.

6. Improve your social media interactions with real people

The platform integrates with AesirX Shield of Privacy utilizing Concordium Web3ID technology for profile verification. This ensures genuine interactions with real people, not bots or fake accounts, enhancing engagement quality and focusing your efforts on valuable prospects.

7. Understand customer behavior

Focusing on customer experience while managing marketing tasks and generating higher ROI is challenging. AesirX also enhances customer understanding with its Shield of Privacy feature, offering advanced analytics and reports for valuable user behavior insights. This supports informed decision-making and understanding of purchasing intent, and ensures responsible data collection in an era of increasing regulation.

benefits of aesirx marketing automation platform that you wont find anywhere else

Benefits of AesirX Marketing Automation Platform that you won't find anywhere else

How to Use AesirX Marketing Automation Platform

If you prefer a quick start, choose the cloud option (Marketing Creator Tool) by signing up for a free ID at You'll gain instant access to all the powerful features for creating and managing your marketing campaigns.  

For those who prefer more control, AesirX Marketing Automation Platform can be downloaded from GitHub at Follow the instructions provided to install and run the tool on your server. While this method requires some basic tech knowledge, it allows you to keep things in-house and have more free daily posts.

free marketing creator tool vs free github download

FREE Marketing Creator Tool vs FREE Github Download

Boost Your Creativity and Efficiency with AesirX

Successful marketing requires presence, performance monitoring, and effective strategy selection across various channels. While automation enhances efficiency, the essence of your marketing still relies on your team's expertise. Balancing automated processes with hands-on effort is key. 

AesirX Marketing Automation Platform supports this balance, providing tools to improve your marketing activities. By taking this approach, you'll be well on your way to effectively automating and managing your marketing efforts while maintaining the personal touch that distinguishes your brand. 

If you are planning to implement the best automation platform for your marketing strategy and need professional assistance, our experts are here to help. Contact us at, and we'll handle the rest.

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