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Jul 15, 202205 minute read

How to save up to 80% of time on content marketing with AesirX DMA

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How to save up to 80% of time on content marketing with AesirX DMA

Massive volumes of content marketing are required across more channels than ever before in today's marketing landscape, leaving many firms struggling to keep up with content development and delivery.

Enter digital marketing automation.

Digital marketing automation relieves marketers of monotonous tasks while also helping brands increase profitability.

One such tool, AesirX DMA, saves you up to 80% of time when creating and publishing high-quality content marketing, but “how,” you ask?


What is AesirX DMA?

AesirX DMA is an Open Source Digital Marketing Automation platform. You can use it to create, manage, deliver, and optimize all your content from one easy-to-use platform, which includes social media, publishing, community, advertising, email, e-commerce, DXP, and CMS channels, plus any other integrative system you need to add, such as a work’s Intranet or CRM. Channels include:

Blog_6_img_1.pngChannels on offer, or coming soon, to AesirX DMA

All the channels and tools available on AesirX DMA allow you to save up to 80% of time when it comes to content marketing. Here’s how to do it:

Automate your social media (and get it for free!)

Creating, distributing, and evaluating information across so many touchpoints is overwhelmingly time-consuming, except, of course, if you use social media automation.

Social media automation or Digital Marketing Automation (DMA) is using software to reduce the amount of time spent on social media tasks that don’t require a human touch.

Writing social media posts and uploading them in real time can take a significant amount of effort, not to mention the time spent connecting with your audience. Automation tools reduce this time by allowing you to queue up content and distribute it across several weeks or months.

Using tools to assist marketers means less time spent on repetitive tasks, giving your marketing team more time to generate new compelling content. One of the most fundamental advantages of SoMe marketing automation should not be overlooked: it makes handling many social media accounts much easier and can reduce a full-time job to only a few hours per week, saving up to 80% of time on social media content marketing.

Blog_6_img_2.pngAesirX DMA gives you free social media automation

AesirX DMA is not just time-saving. It offers free social media channels on all packages - so you can connect and start posting across 9 (and growing) social media networks for free - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Discord, Telegram, Zalo, and FB Groups.

You get also unlimited features (usually confined to expensive upgrades) free with AesirX DMA:

  • Unlimited profiles (channel categories) - create as many profiles as you need. 
  • Unlimited scheduling (calendar) - schedule as many posts as you want.
  • Unlimited projects - set up unlimited content by project name.
  • Unlimited campaigns - organize your content with limitless amounts of campaigns.

Make a move to FOSS

Aesir’s Open Source Platform as a Service (PaaS) can be downloaded for free from GitHub (no card details required) and has full frontend customization included.

Free Open Source software (FOSS) means you get automation solutions using existing freely shared code that others have built and which can then be modified to suit your organization’s needs.

Software that could take hundreds or even thousands of hours to write code for, can be downloaded in minutes, and gradually adapted, reducing time-to-market. Small businesses all across the world are saving time, not to mention money, thanks to open source initiatives.

Integrate all your customer-facing channels

Having all of your channels on one platform allows you to develop, manage, deliver, and optimize all of your content from a single, simple interface.

It’s not uncommon to have dozens of browser tabs open and several applications on the go at one time. Delays can be caused by losing your place, slowing your computer, or generally being unorganized.

Having all your tools and data available in one place reduces the time it takes to complete tasks, and if you’re actively communicating with customers, this can have a more positive effect on the customer experience.

Better organization, simpler operations, more effective communications, and streamlined processes all contribute to less time spent on content marketing.

Blog_6_img_3.pngIntegrate all your channels to AesirX DMA

… and all your staff-facing channels

Having all the channels your staff glean information from or utilize daily as part of operational processes in one place means everyone in the organization is on the same page within the same system. Adoption is simple, and the team immediately reaps the advantages of greater efficiency and production.

Onboarding and training staff is a huge time consumer, generally taking 12 weeks (depending on the role) and many staff hours. Having all staff-facing channels (like a CMS, CRM, DXP, and ERP) in one place and automating content marketing helps to reduce the time it takes to train, structures the development plan, and ensures no vital information is missed.

Automation tools can also reduce turnover caused by the stress of monotonous manual tasks and considering the high cost of replacing employees (sometimes as much as 33% of an employee’s annual salary), AesirX DMA not only saves you huge amounts of time in general but also potentially vast sums of money on training and resources.

Customize AesirX DMA

Being able to customize AesirX DMA to suit how your teams work will also align processes and improve productivity. Employees will spend less time moving around to speak with one another, and they will be able to start and complete tasks more quickly.

Blog_6_img_4.pngStreamline processes through customization

Amplify your content

Organic social media only reaches your followers, so it can be a lengthy process to get through to large amounts of customers and achieve your desired growth level.

Promoting your content with paid ads, and ensuring it gets seen and engaged with by your target market, is incredibly valuable and time saving.

Use AesirX DMA tools like Facebook Ads and Google Ads to reach a larger and more specific audience faster - let customers come to you instead of spending more time finding them.

Using AesirX Digital Marketing Automation to its full potential can save you up to 80% of time spent on content marketing. With fewer tedious tasks (like social media posting, running ads, inbound marketing, emails, etc.) for you and your staff to accomplish, you'll be able to better manage your time, completing the most important things first and having buffer time in between.

Sign up for FREE Social Media Digital Marketing Automation now! (No card details required).

Visit AesirX DMA for more information.

DOWNLOAD AesirX DMA for FREE via GitHub.

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