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AesirX DMA Open-Source Solution

Sep 30, 202202 minute read

AesirX DMA version 1.5.0 released on Github

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AesirX DMA version 1.5.0 released on Github

AesirX is pleased to announce the immediate availability of AesirX DMA App version 1.5.0 on Github. Five new marketing channels have been added to the digital marketing automation tool.


Here’s what’s new for AesirX DMA App 1.5.0

5 channels

Get a total of 5 marketing channels to automate and optimize your social media, publishing content, CMS, and email marketing.

AesirX DMA has 4 social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) and 1 CMS channel (WordPress), with 4 more channels coming next week. More channels means more automation capabilities freeing marketers from monotonous work and helping to spread brand awareness and pump up earnings, automatically.

Thai Translation

Break through language barriers with Thai language.

Due to a Community Contribution from (thank you Akarawuth (Krit) T), now get AesirX DMA in Thai language - we’re the 1st Digital Marketing Automation solution that supports 6 languages - Thai, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Danish, and Spanish, as well as English. Open up emerging markets and collaborate with a wider range of global technical partners.

AesirX will continue to add languages so that all colleagues and clients from various nations can use a Digital Marketing Automation solution to the best of their abilities without having to worry about language barriers.

Bug Fixes

AesirX DMA is even easier to use.

We've spent time improving processes to enhance the user experience and allow you to operate more effectively. Save time and money by personalizing AesirX DMA, and let your customers know you have a better Digital Marketing Automation platform.

Go to our GitHub Release announcement to see full details of all bug fixes.

Read the full release notes and download AesirX DMA App 1.5.0 (FREE) now on Github:

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