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AesirX DMA Rebrands to Marketing Automation Platform

Nov 22, 202304 minute read

Announcing AesirX DMA's New Name - Marketing Automation Platform with new enhanced features

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AesirX DMA Rebrands to Marketing Automation Platform

We're thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey! AesirX DMA - Digital Marketing Automation - is undergoing a transformation, and we are proud to introduce the new Marketing Automation Platform

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With a new name, AesirX Marketing Automation Platform now offers a free cloud tool that you can instantly launch and use, as well as a free GitHub download you can install open source on your own servers. 

We're excited to provide free, cutting-edge Web3 integrations. With these, you can do things like eliminate the noise of fake profiles and bots, enhance your images with identity watermarks for added validation, and use a fresh approach to collect marketing data while fully respecting user privacy.

This rebranding reflects our unwavering commitment to evolving and enhancing your marketing experience, while also providing our unique Shield of Privacy feature for ethical and compliant data collection. 

Marketers often work across various platforms, each with its own set of rules and quirks. Adapting content, managing digital assets, and tracking campaign performance can be a complex balancing act. On top of that, complying with customer data protection standards is a must. AesirX Marketing Automation Platform simplifies these tasks, making your operations more streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective, all while boosting your bottom line.

Cutting-edge Integrative Features

A standout feature of AesirX Marketing Automation Platform is its use of decentralization, utilizing the power of web3 technology, including Concordium blockchain, to enhance its effectiveness. This creates a reliable, verifiable, and self-governing network, placing data and privacy control firmly in the hands of users.

Businesses that use this platform benefit from increased security, transparency, and operational efficiency, as well as the chance to tap into the emerging web3 economy. Here’s a glimpse at some of the platform's decentralized features:

1. Your Own Marketing Creator Tool: 

Now, you can easily create 10 daily posts for free using our Marketing Creator Tool on the AesirX decentralized app (dApp). Inspire your creativity with ChatGPT (Coming Soon) and reliably reach your audience across 6 channels (Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Linkedin, Instagram, Telegram, and LinkedIn Groups).

your own marketing creator tool

2. Verify Social Media Profiles:

Utilize the power of AesirX Shield of Privacy combined with Concordium Web3ID technology to eliminate the disruptive presence of fake profiles and bots. Ensure you only interact with real, verified people. This is Ideal for social media influencers, creators, and businesses that rely on social media engagement.

3. Hassle-Free Identity Watermarks:

Boost the credibility of your images with ease; Using the Marketing Creator Tool or Marketing Automation Platform you can automatically embed authenticating watermarks, removing the need for manual effort. If you choose, the images you share will proudly bear the mark of authenticity, reinforcing your online reputation. 

4. Privacy-centric Data Collection:

Shield of Privacy offers a new method for websites to collect marketing data while respecting user privacy and complying with global data privacy regulations. With its world-first decentralized consent model, once users sign up for their free ID, they control data sharing with the freedom to share or withdraw consent at any time. For businesses, this innovative approach offers a respectful way to gather marketing data from websites while honoring user privacy.

Free, Open Source Access for All

We believe that everyone, regardless of their budget or background, should have access to the best marketing tools and solutions. That's why we provide free social media marketing automation across multiple channels, whether you use our downloadable platform or the cloud-based Marketing Creator Tool. You can effortlessly create, schedule, and publish posts simultaneously, ensuring consistent messaging and saving you time and resources.

Our platform is open source, encouraging community collaboration and innovation. You're welcome to contribute, suggest enhancements, or report bugs. We value your input as we continually strive to improve our platform for everyone.

Two Free Ways to Access: Cloud Tool & GitHub Download

two free ways to access cloud tool github download

Benefits of AesirX Marketing Automation Platform

  • Unified Dashboard:

Effortlessly manage all of your marketing channels from one central hub for a smoother, integrated experience. Whether you use Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Medium, or Tumblr, AesirX Marketing Automation Platform enables efficient planning, monitoring, and management of activities - all from one place. 

  • Enhanced Content Creation (Coming Soon):

AesirX Marketing Automation Platform now integrates with ChatGPT AI assistant to help you brainstorm and create compelling content that makes your messaging more engaging and effective. You can use ChatGPT to help you generate ideas, headlines, captions, hashtags, and more, based on your keywords and goals.

  • Streamlined Digital Asset Management:

You can use our asset management feature to keep important digital files like pictures and videos safe and well-organized. This makes it easier to collaborate and quickly locate files that you need for your campaigns.

  • Privacy and Compliance:

Our Shield of Privacy feature ensures that your data collection practices are respectful of user privacy and comply with data regulations.

Elevate Your Business with Our Rebranded Marketing Automation Platform

As we celebrate the evolution of AesirX DMA into the new Marketing Automation Platform, we're not just changing a name; we're redefining what it means to engage with your audience ethically and effectively in the digital space. Our commitment to privacy, security, and seamless marketing integration has never been stronger.

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