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Open Source Business Intelligence for Developers

Nov 29, 202205 minute read

Open Source Business Intelligence for Developers

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Open Source Business Intelligence for Developers

AesirX BI (Business Intelligence) is an Open Source, enterprise-level platform that has a complete dashboard potentially replacing Google Analytics and other similar analytics tools. However, AesirX BI provides only ever legal 1st-party insights to help users identify new marketing opportunities. Depending on the type of website or software being worked on, developers will require insights and information to build and maintain them. This article provides all the information developers need to install and start using AesirX BI.

open source business intelligence for developers

Benefits of AesirX BI for developers

  • Open Source Software - anyone is freely licensed to use or change the software.
  • Model–View–ViewModel (MVVM) - supports the clear separation of an application's business and presentation logic from its user interface (UI).
  • GitHub public community repository - the ultimate tool for collaboration.
  • Easy deployment - install in around 15 minutes or less (depending on your skills). A step-by-step install guide is available.
  • Change themes - personalize AesirX BI with design and colors with existing brand identity to suit your very own user experience.
  • Unlimited frontend customization (PWA) - fully customizable frontend to adapt your business workflow.
  • Seamless integration - integrating with other AesirX solutions quickly without any faults.
  • Compliant technology - the first in the world that does not abuse customer data, only ever collecting data in a compliant and privacy-first manner.
  • Simple & friendly UI - not overcomplicated, easy to use, yet with all the necessary functions.
  • 25+ years experienced ‘Creator of MarTech’ - AesirX BI is created by Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen, previously OSM board of directors and a noteworthy leader in the MarTech industry.

open source aesirx bi offers various benefitsOpen Source AesirX BI offers various benefits

Benefits of AesirX BI for developers and clients

1. FREEmium version

AesirX offers a ‘Community’ package that is completely FREE with reasonable limitations. This means no need for a trial, no need to provide card details, etc.

Moreover, there are three more cost-effective levels and a completely customizable Enterprise-level edition starting at ONLY $49 that can be designed to meet your business workflow and suit your very own user experience.

  • ‘COMMUNITY’: FREE - Open Source
  • ‘STARTER’: $49
  • ‘TEAM’: $99
  • ‘GROWTH’: $249
  • ‘ENTERPRISE’: $1000+

See the different package features here: https://bi.aesirx.io/#packages

2. Advanced analysis

AesirX BI stores and analyzes data, then sorts it into useful insights, giving businesses a clear and comprehensive picture of their marketing performance to make appropriate data-driven marketing decisions.

Data collected through AesirX BI includes:

Visitor Data Analysis
Visitor data allows your business to track the number of users who visited the web location over a certain period, for example per day, per week or per month.

Demographical Data Analysis
Demographical data is statistics that describe visitors' characteristics. Demographic analysis is the study of visitor-based factors such as age, gender, nationality, etc.

Behavioral Data Analysis
Behavioral analytics examines the customer’s behaviors, including clicking times, most clicking pages, subscriptions, etc. These insights allow your business to further optimize for conversion and engagement.

Event Data Analysis
Event data is used to track and analyze engagement between visitors and the products. This engagement is called an event.

Conversion Data Analysis
Conversion data analysis allows you to keep tabs on the behavior of your visitors and to know if they convert or leave your site. From that, you can know the number of visitors who potentially become customers.

aesirx bi offers a wide range of data collectionAesirX BI offers a wide range of data collection

3. 1st-party & compliant

AesirX BI is an Open Source 1st-party based platform that collects, stores, and analyzes data only ever in a compliant and privacy-first manner.

Working along with AesirX Analytics solution, AesirX BI guarantees to safeguard your data and your customers' privacy, which means no data abuse. These solutions operate based on fully compliant GDPR and privacy by design.

All data is collected through the AesirX JS Data Collector which is installed 1st-party on your website or application.

4. Frontend customization

AesirX BI delivers PWA-powered Open Source technology that is completely customizable, allowing your business to take charge and tailor the design.

5. Dimensions and metrics customization

AesirX BI offers dimensions & metrics, name, display orientation, colors, and other options so that you can create your preferred format.

  • Dimensions: country, browser, language
  • Metrics: users, sessions, pages/session
  • Display orientation: screen orientation (portrait mode or landscape mode)
  • Name/ titles
  • Colors

6. Various upcoming features

The features listed above are only a part of what AesirX BI will be offering this November. Once AesirX SSO is made available, businesses are able to swiftly and error-free integrate it with AesirX BI, gaining access to an increasing number of features and benefits.

more features are coming this year besides those published in novemberMore features are coming this year besides those published in November

How it works

Step 1: Download the Open Source PWA package which you can self deploy and host.

Step 2: Set up the configuration in the NPM installer and Customize as you wish.

Step 3: Ensure that you have an active account on https://bi.aesirx.io/ with the domain name registered and the configuration correctly filled out, and then we will automate the entire delivery through our BIaaS.

Prerequisites to install AesirX BI


Just 2 prerequisites are needed to install with NPM. Before installing AesirX BI, you only need to install GIT and download and install the node framework.

Shared Host

Only 3 prerequisites for a computer run build. Make sure the git and node versions have been installed on your local.

developers follow the link below for the install guideDevelopers: follow the link below for the Install Guide

Install Guides

Download on GitHub

Download AesirX BI on GitHub: https://github.com/aesirxio

Developers Community on Telegram

Join the friendly “AesirX Community'' on Telegram and celebrate Free Open Software together.

Telegram: https://t.me/aesirxio_community

DOWNLOAD Open Source AesirX BI for FREE via GitHub.

Find out how our Business Intelligence data can help your team personalize the customer experience compliantly and ethically. Visit AesirX BI for more information.

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