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AesirX Analytics and AesirX Business Intelligence (BI)

Nov 04, 202203 minute read

What are AesirX Analytics and AesirX Business Intelligence (BI)?

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What are AesirX Analytics and AesirX Business Intelligence (BI)?

Now you have alternative Analytics tools - choose legal 1st party data, intelligent experience platforms to gain important customer insights.

what are aesirx analytics and aesirx business intelligence bi

AesirX Analytics and AesirX Business Intelligence (BI) platforms (release date 15th November 2022) have been built so that everyone can now use analytics tools that only ever have privacy in mind. Tracking cookies and third-party data (that’s often collected illegally) are NOT required to successfully gain accurate insights for your business.

Why your business needs an Analytics alternative

The future of the World Wide Web requires new technology.

We need to be able to deliver all types of data locally and legally and the only way to do so in this extremely complex world of compliance is to be able to legally deliver data at every single localized setting - there are no other ways.

We need a secure internet where the users own their own data (1st party) and where consent is controlled by the users, not the companies. Where Data is stored, processed and delivered where it is needed, when it's needed and always compliantly.

AesirX Business Intelligence (BI)

It’s an Open Source 1st-party based, enterprise-level Business Intelligence platform that has a complete dashboard replacing Google Analytics. It includes Conversion and Behavioral data - only ever in a compliant and privacy-first manner. AesirX BI is an intelligent experience platform that’s perfect for SMEs to Enterprise-level organizations.

  1. 1st-party hosted micro-frontend (PWA) dashboard
  2. 1st-party data storage foundation
  3. 1st-party data collection foundation
  4. Seamless integration to AesirX Analytics
  5. AesirX BI as a Service for advanced analytics
  6. AesirX User handling
  7. Visitor data
  8. Behavioral data
  9. Event data
  10. Conversion data
  11. AesirX SSO integration (coming soon)
  • Concordium Wallet (coming soon)
  • Cardano Wallet (coming soon)
  • MetaMask Wallet (coming soon)

replace your analytics tools with aesirx analytics aesirx biReplace your analytics tools with AesirX Analytics & AesirX BI

AesirX Analytics

AesirX Analytics is an Open Source 1st-party based, enterprise-level Analytics as a Service (AasS) platform with a locally hosted JavaScript solution (based on react and npm) that collects and stores 1st-party data legally, locally, and compliantly to GDPR and other local legislation including storage of citizens data in-country.

  • 1st-party hosted JavaScript Data Collector
  • 1st-party hosted analytics data storage
  • Seamless integration to AesirX Business Intelligence
  • Visitor data
  • Behavioral data
  • Event data
  • Conversion data

AesirX roadmap

We’re building the world’s first fully legal MarTech stack - 20 Solutions in 2 years!

We’ve already released AesirX Digital Marketing Automation (DMA) and AesirX Digital Asset Management (DAM) with tons of features and benefits to improve productivity with workflow automation.

Watch this space for the entire AesirX Solutions Series.

aesirx analytics aesirx bi just 2 of 20 solutions delivered in 2 yearsAesirX Analytics & AesirX BI - just 2 of 20 solutions delivered in 2 years

AesirX BI and AesirX Analytics benefits

  • Ist Party collected data: All data is collected through the AesirX JS Data Collector which is installed 1st-party on your website or application.
  • 1st Party data storage: All data is stored locally on your compliant 1st-party hosting solution. You own the data from end to end.
  • Dynamically scale: Designed for easy integration into any existing channels (including AesirX DAM & AesirX DMA) so you can take charge of cross-department product information.
  • Compliant custom solutions: Fully GDPR compliant, privacy by design, local and global compliant data storage options.
  • End-to-end service: Delivered as a fully managed Platform as a Service (PaaS), including hosting, management, service, and 24/7 Support (Enterprise edition).
  • Free open-source PWA: Adapt easily to changing trends and needs with a flexible Free Open Source fully customizable Frontend that has a web-based user interface.


We’re working tirelessly on AesirX - evolving technologies to enable the future of privacy-first on the world wide web!

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