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Nov 24, 202205 minute read

6 AesirX BI Benefits: Insights to Increase Business Performance

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6 aesirx bi benefits insights to increase business performance

By 2022, Business Intelligence (BI) tools will be used by 50% of financial organizations and 52% of software companies (1). Additionally, many businesses discovered that employing BI tools increases the likelihood of making decisions five times over. In fact, AesirX BI is a tool that can meet all of these facts. It serves as an effective assistant for any business with its ever legal 1st-party data insights.

6 aesirx bi benefits insights to increase business performance

Advanced analysis

AesirX BI data analysis uses various data formats to make it simpler for users to track metrics and assess.

Visitor Data Analysis

Visitor data allows your business to track the number of users who visited the web location over a certain period, for example per day, per week or per month. This engagement metric is beneficial for evaluating site traffic, showing how impressive your web is, and hence planning your digital marketing strategy.

Demographical Data Analysis

Demographical data is statistics that describe visitors' characteristics. Demographic analysis is the study of visitor-based factors such as age, gender, nationality, etc.

Demographic data analysis is used to ascertain the most effective strategy to connect with customers and assess their behavior. From that, businesses understand how to sell to customers and make strategic plans for changing consumer demand.

Behavioral Data Analysis

Behavioral analytics examines the customer’s behaviors, including clicking times, most clicking pages, subscriptions, etc. These insights allow your business to further optimize for conversion and engagement.

Event Data Analysis

Event data is used to track and analyze engagement between visitors and the products. This engagement is called an event. After collecting all the needed event data, your business can:

  • Analyze subscriptions
  • Analyze absence rate
  • Check out every session's ratings
  • Measure engagement and improve your product

Conversion Data Analysis

Conversion data analysis allows you to keep tabs on the behavior of your visitors and to know if they convert or leave your site. The goal of conversion analysis is to optimize the conversion rate, which means we make changes to increase the number of visitors who potentially become customers.

aesirx bi allows you to store different types of data in one platformAesirX BI allows you to store different types of data in one platform

Data-driven marketing decisions

BI tools focus on generating understandable reports, which makes it simpler for the sales team or marketers to identify current trends. With so much data available, the team then can make future predictions based on solid evidence, which is called forecasting. By studying data from numerous sources, businesses may forecast the ideal times to enter and leave a market, or time to take a strategic move.

Moreover, AesirX BI can also automatically identify abnormalities if a business situation changes, allowing your team to respond to interruptions as they happen. For instance, if the conversion rate declines, it may indicate that there are issues preventing website visitors from deciding to use your business. And with that information, your team needs to figure out the issue, identify any possible errors in the process, and fix it.

Improved employee satisfaction

Any team or department can use AesirX BI, including sales, marketing, analyst, and operations departments.

  • Analysts use potent analytics tools to identify chances for improvement and determine what strategies should be made.
  • BI solutions assist marketers in tracking campaign analytics from a central digital platform, allowing them to assess performance and make plans for subsequent initiatives.
  • Using dashboards with reports and data visualizations, the sales team can monitor revenue targets, sales performance, or sales pipeline.
  • The operation team may access and evaluate data to identify opportunities to enhance the process, which will save time and costs.

aesirx bi is designed for all types of usersAesirX BI is designed for all types of users

Improved customer experience

BI tools give businesses a clearer and more holistic view of how impressive their website is to visitors. Additionally, it partly tracks and analyzes engagement between visitors and the products. In general, data collection and analysis can assist your business in modifying your marketing strategy to develop a brand that caters to the customers’ requirements.

For example, you can see the proportion of visitors who might convert to customers by using conversion data analysis. In case these figures drop over the course of a month, it indicates that many visitors to the website leave quickly, which is bad for generating sales.

Another example, behavioral data examines the customer’s behaviors, including clicking times and most clicking pages. With the use of these insights, your company may improve website optimization for increased conversion and client interaction.

Compliant custom solutions

All data is collected through the AesirX JS Data Collector which is installed 1st-party on your website or application. Collecting only first-party data is one of AesirX BI benefits that make it stand out from any other analytics and BI tools.

First-party data is customer data that is collected directly by businesses, including digital interaction, purchase history, behaviors, preferences, etc. However, some businesses are working on ways to collect third-party data instead, selling this data to other companies, which is NOT legal and is an invasion of user privacy.

However, AesirX BI guarantees to protect your data and your visitors' privacy with their AesirX Analytics solution that can replace Google Analytics. AesirX Analytics (link) is fully GDPR compliant and built on privacy, NEVER using customer data for profit purposes.

AesirX BI is an Open Source 1st-party based platform that collects, stores, and analyzes data only ever in a compliant and privacy-first manner. AesirX BI enables data-driven marketing without abusing data, always privacy first.

Reduced business costs

AesirX BI is versatile due to its ability to analyze customer behavior, forecast sales, and monitor operations in real-time. Since then, analyzing, planning, and reporting procedures are now much more precise and efficient than using manual procedures. In addition, BI also allows you to expand your business strategy or find a way to overcome any existing issues, with the aim of increasing conversion rates and revenue.

Moreover, AesirX provides a ‘Community’ package for free, with reasonable limitations. There are also four tiers that are self-hosted/managed from only $49 per month as well as a fully hosted and managed Enterprise edition. This means that compared to other BI tools, AesirX BI offers packages at reasonable prices and levels that fit the business scale.

aesirx bi with affordable costs and high efficiencyAesirX BI with affordable costs and high efficiency

Why not download AesirX BI now?

AesirX BI is not just a tool for developers, but for everyone who needs a holistic view of metrics and reports. With its help, your team gets comprehensive end-to-end service, compliant privacy-first solutions, and hundreds of business benefits. Replace your current analytics tool with AesirX BI to make timely and informed business decisions.

DOWNLOAD Open Source AesirX BI for FREE via GitHub.

Find out how our Business Intelligence data can help your team personalize the customer experience compliantly and ethically. Visit AesirX BI for more information.


(1) DataProt, Damjan Jugovic Spajic. Business Intelligence Statistics: State of the Market in 2022. Updated: November 02,2022.

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