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Transparency Matters: AesirX's Commitment to Open Data Practices

Sep 06, 202305 minute read

Transparency Matters: AesirX's Commitment to Open Data Practices

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transparency matters aesirx s commitment to open data practices

In our digitally connected universe, open data practices, that is, open approaches to handling data are crucial. With growing unease about the collection, processing, and sharing of personal information, AesirX acknowledges the importance of transparent data management and aims to be a leader in industry best practices, setting the standards for other businesses. This article explores AesirX’s dedication to honest and open data methods and the advantages this offers to both individuals and organizations.

og transparency aesirxs commitment to open data practices

The Impact of Open Data Practices

Being transparent is a core value for responsible data handling. It gives users the information they need to decide whether to share their data and fosters trust between companies and consumers. AesirX understands that open data practices are not only in line with what users expect, but they also create a more ethical and robust digital environment.

AesirX's Approach to Open Data Practices

→ Clear Data Collection Policies: AesirX provides businesses with clear and concise guidelines about data collection. This is available for users to see, making it easy for them to know what data is being collected and for what reasons.

User-Controlled Consent: AesirX employs a decentralized consent framework - known as ‘Shield of Privacy’ (see below) - allowing users to take control of their own data. They can give or withdraw permission, i.e. revoke consent, ensuring that their data is used only in ways they want and approve of.

Detailed Data-sharing Preferences: Companies using AesirX can set particular data-sharing preferences based on what users allow. This detailed control helps ensure that data is shared responsibly and in line with legal regulatory guidelines, such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). 

Clarity in Data Utilization: AesirX Analytics provides companies with insights into how the data they've collected is being used. This open approach confirms that the data is being applied for genuine reasons and assists companies in refining their operations and strategies.

aesirxs approach to open data practices

Benefits of Transparent Data Practices

1 - Cultivating User Trust and Brand Loyalty

When users understand that their data is being managed openly and ethically, they're more likely to place their trust in a company. This leads to long-lasting customer relationships and a strong sense of brand loyalty.

2 - Being Compliant with Regulation

Open and transparent data management are critical components of abiding by data protection laws. As these regulations continue to tighten, companies with a focus on transparent practices are better prepared to fulfill legal obligations.

3 - Better Ethical Standing

Businesses that embrace and adopt open data practices are viewed as both ethical and responsible. This outlook can attract consumers and partners who prioritize social responsibility, thereby strengthening a company's position in the marketplace.

A Look at AesirX Analytics: A Robust, Ethical Analytics Platform for the Modern Age

As a powerful first-party analytics platform designed to provide meaningful insights, AesirX Analytics adheres to GDPR and CCPA regulations, positioning itself as a formidable counterpart to GA4.

  • The platform is unique in its approach to data collection. By focusing solely on first-party data, it offers a cookieless collection method that even works through blocked browsers, all while remaining legally compliant. 
  • Where it really shines is its real-time analytics features. Users get immediate access to an array of data types - from visitor and session metrics to behavioral, event, and UTM data - enabling timely tweaks to marketing strategies and user experience design.
  • Ease of use is not compromised, as the platform offers 1-click install plugins for WordPress and Joomla. It supports a range of databases like MySQL and MariaDB, and even offers a high-performance AesirX First-Party Server with MongoDB support.
  • By leveraging smart Web3 technology, the platform gleans anonymous data without capturing personally identifiable information. 

open data practices with aesirx shield of privacy

Shield of Privacy

The four-tier decentralized consent model enhances user control over their data and sets AesirX Analytics apart as the only platform offering a fully legal consent model.

Traditional consent models rely on centralized entities to manage user permissions and data access. With AesirX Shield of Privacy, users can grant or revoke consent directly through their Web3 wallets, ensuring that their data is used only with their explicit permission. In fact, websites utilizing the AesirX 4-Tier Decentralized Consent Model give their users a choice of four consent options. 

1 - Session Based: Users can agree for their data to be used during a single 30-minute session.

2 - ‘Shield of Privacy’: This Web3 ID is used for consent across multiple sessions, providing a secure way to manage consent in a personalized manner.

3 - Wallet Based: Users utilize their Web3 wallet (Concordium preferred) to give decentralized consent, with the freedom to revoke permissions at any time.

4 - Combined ‘Shield of Privacy’ and Wallet: Utilizing full Web3 ID and wallet integration so users can give explicit consent for data collection and processing, and can revoke permissions at any time.

In a nutshell, AesirX Analytics combines robust features with ethical practices to provide a versatile, user-friendly platform that respects both users and data laws.

Shaping a Transparent Future

Transparency in data management isn't merely trendy terminology; it signifies a genuine move towards responsible data management. AesirX's pledge to open data practices focuses on respecting user privacy and ethical data sharing. By opting for AesirX Analytics, businesses gain access to insightful web data analysis while also fostering a digital world based on mutual trust. AesirX and its partners are working collaboratively to create a future where both user rights and business prosperity are sustained in a trusted ecosystem.

Learn More About AesirX's Open Data Practices at 

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