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Product Information Management with NFTs and Verified ID

Jan 31, 202404 minute read

AesirX PIM: Enhancing Product Information Management with NFTs and Verified ID for Unrivaled Authenticity

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Product Information Management with NFTs and Verified ID

Product Information Management (PIM) is a vital process for e-commerce and manufacturing businesses, as it involves managing and distributing consistent and accurate product data across various channels. 

However, traditional PIM systems face many challenges, such as data quality, security, and traceability. AesirX PIM is a groundbreaking solution that uses Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Verified ID features to enhance PIM with unprecedented levels of authenticity and traceability. 

AesirX PIM now incorporates Concordium blockchain, a next-generation platform that enables fast, secure, and scalable transactions. In this article, we'll look at how AesirX PIM reinvents Product Information Management and why it's the future of e-commerce and manufacturing.

og product information management with nfts and verified id

The Challenges of Current Product Information Management

Traditional PIM systems often struggle with issues that hinder seamless product management:

Lack of Authenticity Assurance: Ensuring the authenticity of products online is a persistent challenge. Counterfeiting and fraud remain big concerns, leading to a breakdown in consumer trust. According to Forbes, the total amount of fake products sold each year ranges between $1.7 trillion to $4.5 trillion. If this were a country's economy, it would be huge. At the lower end ($1.7 trillion), it's bigger than Canada's economy, making it at least the world's 10th biggest. At the higher end ($4.5 trillion), it's even bigger than Germany's economy, possibly making it the 4th biggest. [1]

Limited Supply Chain Transparency: Many PIM systems struggle to provide a transparent view of the entire supply chain. Customers are often left in the dark about the journey of a product from production to distribution, impacting their confidence in the product’s authenticity. According to an IBM survey, 71% of consumers are willing to pay more for products that provide complete transparency and traceability. [2]

Inefficiencies in High-Volume Operations: Conventional PIM systems struggle to keep pace with the high-volume, high-speed operations demanded by the modern digital marketplace. Placing one SKU (manually) on a web store requires more time and resources. It is many times faster to manage data information in PIM than in Excel spreadsheets.

the challenges of current product information management

AesirX PIM: Integrating Concordium Blockchain for Unmatched Authenticity and Traceability

1. NFTs and Verified ID for Product Authenticity

AesirX PIM uses NFTs and Verified ID features to solve the authentication problem. NFTs give each digital or physical product a unique identity, which enables clear tracking and history of each transaction. Verified ID technology verifies the sellers and products, greatly lowering the chances of fraud and counterfeiting. AesirX PIM links each product to verified seller or manufacturer IDs, so consumers can trust the source and authenticity of their purchases.

2. Concordium Blockchain Integration

AesirX PIM integrates Concordium blockchain, a powerful technology ensuring tamper-proof, transparent, and traceable product information. Concordium blockchain, with its layer 1 zero-knowledge proof identity, supports regulatory compliance, record accuracy, and data auditability throughout the product lifecycle. The identity layer enhances privacy and compliance, while the blockchain's transparency and tamper resistance guarantee accurate records and auditability.

concordium blockchain integration

Beyond Product Verification: Discovering the Benefits of AesirX PIM

AesirX PIM does more than just verify products, offering a whole load of benefits that redefine the landscape of Product Information Management and e-commerce:

Centralized Product Management: Having all your product information in one place. This PIM central data hub makes sure your product information is organized, consistent, and easy to find. AesirX PIM simplifies management by providing a single storage location for all product details, rather than scattering data across multiple systems.

Cross-channel Information Distribution: AesirX PIM serves as a central repository for product data, enabling efficient multichannel distribution. Easily generate, manage, and distribute product catalogs across various web channels, from e-commerce platforms like redSHOP, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce, to CMS channels like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. This centralized approach ensures that any updates to product information are reflected consistently across all channels. 

Full Customization for Enterprises: AesirX PIM offers full customization for enterprises, setting it apart from other platforms. Customize the platform to meet your specific growth and automation requirements, including features like smart contracts and seamless integration with Microsoft Business Solutions such as NAV and Dynamics.

Time Savings: AesirX PIM is designed to increase efficiency by automating and streamlining workflows. Reduce the time your team spends on routine product information management tasks, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives instead.

Operational Efficiency: Using AesirX PIM, you can optimize your product information management processes, resulting in increased operational efficiency. Simplify collaboration, reduce errors, and boost overall productivity by streamlining your workflows.

beyond product verification discovering the benefits of aesirx pim

AesirX PIM: The Future of Product Information Management with NFTs and Verified ID

Traditional PIM systems are outdated and inefficient. They fail to provide consistent and accurate product information across multiple channels and platforms. They are also unable to verify the authenticity and origin of products, which can lead to fraud and counterfeit issues.

AesirX PIM takes advantage of NFTs, Verified ID, and Concordium blockchain to provide a new level of product information management.

  • Create and verify unique digital identities for your products using NFTs and Concordium blockchain.
  • Manage and update product information across multiple channels and platforms with ease and accuracy.
  • Enhance customer trust and loyalty by providing transparent and authentic product information.

Enhance Your Product Management Today!

Have you struggled with product information management challenges? AesirX PIM provides a hassle-free solution. 

Don't settle for less; try AesirX PIM and see the difference. From efficiency to authenticity, let us take your business to new heights!

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