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Achieving Data Privacy Compliance with AesirX Privacy Scanner

Nov 29, 202304 minute read

Achieving Data Privacy Compliance with AesirX Privacy Scanner

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Achieving Data Privacy Compliance with AesirX Privacy Scanner

Worried if your website is violating privacy? Scan for free now!

Ensuring data privacy compliance is an essential and complex task for websites that collect and process personal data from users. Websites must comply with various privacy regulations, manage user consent, protect data from cyberattacks, and detect and prevent third-party tracking. However, many websites fail to meet these requirements, exposing their users to privacy risks and violations, which can result in significant legal and financial consequences if caught.

How do you know if your website is non-compliant, and how can you protect your visitors' privacy?

Introducing AesirX Privacy Scanner, a free tool for assessing and ensuring website data privacy compliance. It protects website owners from potential fines by conducting a comprehensive check to ensure alignment with data protection regulations.

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Data Privacy Compliance Requirements for Websites

Websites face many challenges when it comes to data privacy and protection. Some of the most common ones are:

→ Complying with multiple privacy regulations

Websites that operate globally or serve users from different regions need to comply with various privacy laws and regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the United States, and the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) in Singapore. These regulations have different requirements and penalties for non-compliance, which can be confusing and costly for website owners.

→ Managing user consent

Websites need to obtain user consent before collecting, processing, or sharing personal data. However, many websites use vague, misleading, or hidden consent mechanisms that fail to inform users about the purpose, scope, and duration of data collection. Furthermore, some websites don’t respect users' rights to withdraw consent or access, correct, or delete their data. 

data privacy compliance requirements for websites

→ Securing data from cyberattacks

Websites must implement measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access, disclosure, or modification. Unfortunately, many lack essential security controls such as encryption, authentication, or backup, putting them at risk of data breaches. Such breaches can compromise user privacy, security, and damage the reputation and liability of website owners.

→ Avoiding third-party tracking

Websites frequently rely on third-party services, such as analytics, advertising, or social media, to improve their functionality and performance. However, these services may also collect and share personal data about users without their knowledge or consent. They are used for unwanted advertisements, which violate user privacy and are gradually being phased out.

How Can AesirX Privacy Scanner Help?

AesirX Privacy Scanner is a free website scanner tool built on EDPS Inspection Software (developed by the EU) to support privacy and personal data protection. It helps scan websites for data privacy compliance based on beacons, third-party cookies, and other factors. Here is what you can do with AesirX Privacy Scanner:

→ Identify and analyze data privacy risks

AesirX Privacy Scanner is a simple and fast tool to check the data privacy of any website. Just enter the URL and get an instant PDF report that shows the risk of data privacy violations, the number and type of trackers, evidence collection, use of social media and collaboration platforms, use of HTTPS/SSL, and data analysis in accordance with data privacy regulations.

→ Request a privacy compliance review

AesirX provides an efficient assessment of your organization's existing privacy practices at an introductory price of just $2,495. The Privacy Compliance Review is a targeted audit designed to strengthen your commitment to privacy and elevate your data protection strategies. AesirX’s team evaluates your privacy framework, providing actionable insights and strategic advice to strengthen your privacy measures.

request a privacy compliance review

→ Subscription

AesirX Privacy Scanner is completely free, but it also has subscription tiers with additional features and benefits for your data privacy needs. Depending on the tier, you can receive regular automated scans that are emailed to you, PDF reports, more domains, and real-time scans. 

  • Monthly Scan ($19): Suitable for small businesses or individual website administrators.
  • Weekly Scan ($49): Ideal for medium-sized businesses or agencies managing multiple websites.
  • Daily Scan ($99): Best for large corporations or digital agencies with extensive online operations.
  • Enterprise (POA): Customized solution for large enterprises with complex web assets.

→ Transform with privacy-focused solutions

Using AesirX solutions to achieve data privacy compliance and grow your business with trust and confidence. These are: 

  • AesirX Analytics: A privacy-friendly web analytics tool that does not use any third-party cookies or trackers. Provides website owners with valuable insights into their website performance, user behaviors, conversion rates, and more without compromising user privacy or data security.
  • AesirX SSO: A single sign-on solution that allows users to log in to multiple websites and services with a single account and a single click. Simplifies user authentication and improves user experience while protecting data privacy and security. 
  • AesirX Shield of Privacy: A decentralized identity management system that enables a decentralized data consent model. Gives users complete control over their data and consent. Enables businesses to comply with data protection laws.

 aesirx solutions to achieve data privacy compliance and grow your business with trust and confidence

Is Your Website Violating Privacy Laws? 

It is your responsibility to protect the privacy of visitors to your website. Don't wait for legal repercussions to take control of your website's privacy. AesirX not only identifies problems but also suggests solutions. Consider the Privacy Compliance Review for actionable insights to improve your data protection. 

Build trust, ensure compliance, and ensure a privacy-focused future for your online presence. Scan your website with AesirX Privacy Scanner today and make privacy a priority!

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