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AesirX - WEB3 ID for the World Wide Web

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aesirx web3 id for the world wide web

AesirX is a revolutionary WEB3 ID solution that brings privacy, security, and decentralized consent to digital marketing and data protection.

AesirX is built on the blockchain and uses Concordium's unique zero Knowledge ID technology to provide a privacy-first solution for gathering and analyzing cross-chain data. With AesirX, data is anonymized and decentralized, ensuring that the privacy of users is protected while still providing valuable insights for digital marketing purposes.

Better Access with AesirX SSO

AesirX also has access control and document access based on Single Sign On (SSO) and Privacy by Design standards. This means that users only need to log in once to access all the resources they need, while at the same time, their privacy and data are protected.

AesirX SSO supports both Web2 and Web3 login methods from Social Media, Email, and OAuth2 to Wallet authentication are all supported depending on what is needed. It also gives instant access to new Web3 technology and methods that are by far more secure and superior than anything offered in Web2, as well as offering documentation of access to personal data and other Privacy by Design measures.

AesirX is available in several forms, including for WordPress and Joomla!, which are the two largest Open Source CMSs in the world. It can also be deployed directly from GitHub in the Open Source Community Edition. AesirX has premium tiers that go all the way up to Enterprise for people who need more advanced features. These tiers give access to world-first blockchain technologies that solve problems that Web2 alone can't solve.

AesirX makes it possible for the world wide web to change from web2 to web2 + web3 by making ID management more secure and data analysis more anonymous. This makes the web a safer and more secure place for both users and businesses.

In conclusion, AesirX is a visionary solution that provides privacy, security, and control to the digital world, and it is an honor to be able to share it with you today.

Unique and Ground-breaking Features

AesirX also has a unique and ground-breaking feature that aligns very well with the direction that Concordium is going. We all know that social media (and soon also Web3 solutions) struggle with serious bot and fake account issues, as most recently and prominently flagged by Elon Musk with regards to Twitter.

aesirx has coined as privacy by design standards

While Concordium will deliver a universally applicable solution soon, AesirX is also working quietly behind the scenes, working on attending to the headaches that enterprises are facing in the same regard, but this is on a different level. AesirX has developed what they coined “SSO” which stands for "Single Sign On". This is essentially an application that leverages the power of crypto wallets, especially the Concordium wallet which is obviously the only blockchain with the unique proposition of ID at the base layer coupled with perfect privacy.

The SSO (Single Sign On) solution from AesirX is used to access and document events in accordance with what AesirX has coined as "Privacy by Design" standards. As a result, users will only need to log in once to access all the resources they require, while at the same time, their privacy and data are protected and potential documentation of access and use of (personal) data is natively built in.

WEB3 ID is the future because the World Wide Web does not work without an ID.

web3 id is the future because the world wide web does not work without an id

What the World Wide Web Needs

We need a new ID layer above the World Wide Web and a new decentralized and anonymized layer below, where everyone is a part of the ecosystem so that we can take the World Wide Web back from BigTech.

AesirX SSO is the "brain" of the World Wide Web that can "collect" your identities across Web2 and Web3 into 1 universal layer "above" the World Wide Web to give you fine-grained control over consent and data.

AesirX SSO knows who you are, well, really what your IDs are in Web2 and Web3 (across different blockchains and wallets). AesirX SSO lets you collect analytical data that can be used for digital marketing.

AesirX Analytics is the "decentralized feet" of the World Wide Web. Anyone who installs AesirX Analytics, for free, automatically converts to both collecting and storing 1st-party data with our Open Source and Free AesirX JavaScript Collector and our AesirX 1st Party Server.

aesirx analytics is the decentralized feet of the world wide web

Why Web2 is Failing

Web2 is failing with Cookies being banned and advertising based on personal data as a business model is declared dead while Google and Facebook are under antitrust lawsuits - the world of digital marketing will never be the same again.

50% of all data is already lost due to cookie and tracking prevention of 3rd party-based JavaScript. This number is expected to drop to below 25% by the middle of 2023 because of the coming legal strike down on enforcement of GDPR and Data Protection laws in the US.

AesirX is not a Soulbound Token (a digital identity token representing a person or entity's characteristics) that undermines privacy and can bring unwanted exposure to sensitive information about the holder. AesirX is also not a Digital Twin (a computer program that uses real-world data to create simulations) with entire online security at stake.

Instead, AesirX is the safer and more secure alternative. It protects and stops data abuse by splitting a Digital Twin into two elements: the ID "brain" of AesirX SSO and the anonymous "decentralized feet" of AesirX Analytics. Together, they protect people from Big Tech's systemic abuse of data for marketing purposes and make sure that data can't be exploited.

Take Responsibility, Now

Every single site, shop, or app that switches from illegally collecting and sharing user data through 3rd-party cookies to 1st-party data also starts taking responsibility for their own data by hosting it and owning it themselves. They also take part in sharing data Cross-site, where the users have given their consent, decentralized, via wallets.

aesirx analytics will be a part of the solution to take back our data from bigtech

If you swap to AesirX Analytics the 3rd-party risk is instantly removed, and at the same time, anyone using AesirX Analytics will be a part of the solution to take back our data from BigTech. It also enables the anonymous collection and use of Visitor, Behavior, and Event data; notice I did not write Personal Data - there is no need to have it or abuse it.


Support the Evolution of the World Wide Web

Together, AesirX SSO and Analytics add two more layers to the World Wide Web. They are not meant to replace it, but to evolve it and make it better. We believe any idea of replacing the World Wide Web entirely is unrealistic. The internet and the World Wide Web are not a single, unchanging thing. Instead, they are a living, decentralized organism that changes over time. We can support its evolution by setting legal, safety, and compliance standards so that it can change to meet the needs of the real world.

The World Wide Web continues to evolve from Web2 to Web3 and while that transition happens over years, AesirX evolves with you, as you need it. We advance and explore deeper into Web3 and how we can apply Web3 to resolve real-world use cases with our 18 other Solutions (beyond SSO and Analytics). But, for now, I just wanted to give an overview of why the World Wide Web needs a new Web ID and why it needs to be a WEB3 ID that can connect secure personal and organizational ID and access control with anonymous data collection and usage for digital marketing.

aesirx evolves with you as you need it

The new ISO 31700 Standard: Privacy by Design

The new ISO 31700 Standard: Privacy by Design goes into effect on February 8 in all countries that are part of the ISO Standard Network. This fundamentally means that Enterprises all over the world must take Privacy by Design seriously. There will be a sharp increase in the need for new technology to support this move toward a full ecosystem that handles all data in a compliant, safe, and secure way that protects everyone: both the enterprise in terms of legal risk, but also the users/customers against data theft and abuse.

The new ISO 31700 Standard Privacy by Design

The new WEB3 ID is how we reconnect the missing data in digital marketing by compliant Privacy-First and respectful use of Customer Data.

The new WEB3 ID is how we ensure compliance for everyone by building it into solutions that are based on Privacy by Design as a standard.

AesirX and Concordium ID are THE secure and compliant future of the World Wide Web because we evolve from Web2 by adding Web3 with more technology on top and below the World Wide Web so it can continue to evolve, as it always has done, because that is what we need.

Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen
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