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Surviving the Cookie Apocalypse with AesirX: Analytics and Marketing in a Cookieless Future

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surviving the cookie apocalypse with aesirx analytics

Who Stole Your Cookies: How to navigate the cookieless future of analytics and marketing


From June 2023 the analytics and digital marketing landscape is going to see major changes. 

As concerns over user privacy and data protection continue to mount, the age of cookie-based digital marketing is coming to an end, opening up a rare opportunity for businesses. In fact, during the second half of 2023, the majority of old Google Analytics users are in the market to replace their analytics solutions. 

So what happens next, and what can you do to join the fight for online privacy?

The End of the Cookie Era

Here’s what’s happening:

Cookies have played a crucial role in digital marketing and analytics by tracking users' online behavior and providing data that helps businesses personalize their advertising and improve their website's user experience.

However, cookies are going away due to increasing concerns about privacy, as well as regulatory framework restrictions such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which limit the use of user data.

Additionally, browser restrictions and national security concerns have further accelerated the demise of cookies.

As cookies become obsolete, businesses face the challenge of finding alternative ways to gather data and personalize their advertising, while also respecting user privacy and complying with data protection regulations.

browser restrictions and national security concerns have further accelerated the demise of cookies

What That Means for You

► Marketers spend up to 20% of their digital marketing budget on retargeting, driving up to 150% increase in conversion rates.

► E-commerce sites using retargeting to suffer an estimated revenue drop of 25-30% by December 2023.

► Already, up to 50% of all data is gone from e-commerce site owners, and by the end of the year, up to 85% of all data based on cookies and old/illegal procedures will be gone.

► Digital strategies based on the use of personal data are no longer an option and both centralized consent and SaaS models are being challenged.

So, losing cookie-based tracking would have significant implications for digital marketing and analytics, as it would limit businesses' ability to track users' behavior and personalize their advertising.

Ad targeting, retargeting, and attribution could be affected as businesses would need to rely on alternative data sources to achieve the same level of personalization and effectiveness.

Innovative Strategies for a Cookieless World with AesirX Analytics

1AesirX Business Suite is designed to address these challenges by providing a privacy and compliance-focused solution for WordPress and WooCommerce users. 

2With AesirX Analytics and Business Intelligence, businesses can replace Google Analytics with a legal and compliant alternative.

3AesirX offers a distinctive solution that not only recovers lost data but also reestablishes digital marketing capabilities, such as abandoned cart recovery and personalized product recommendations.

4AesirX’s Freemium and Open Source strategy makes it easy to adopt, providing a forward-looking and privacy-first alternative to Google Analytics.

What AesirX Analytics Does

Replaces Google Analytics - the most used analytics solution for CMS sites and e-commerce based solutions.

Removes the Risk of Shared Data - from 3rd parties, due to data protection laws in the EU and a growing number of US states.

Replaces 3rd Party Cookies - which are set to be phased out from June 2023.

Utilizes Compliant 1st Party Data - for collection, storage and use.

Uses Behavioural and Event Data - to reconnect the digital marketing capabilities and enables decentralized consent for cross site tracking (Web3).

Quick and Easy to Install - with free WordPress and Joomla plugins.

what aesirx analytics does


AesirX Analytics is needed to help businesses adapt and navigate the cookieless future of marketing.

It is essential to balance user privacy and effective digital marketing, and businesses need to be aware of the alternatives to cookies and the importance of first-party data collection and consent management.

AesirX Open Source Business Suite offers privacy & compliance-focused solutions for WordPress, WooCommerce, and Joomla users. With AesirX Analytics, businesses can replace Google Analytics with a legal and compliant freemium alternative that not only tracks more data but also reestablishes digital marketing capabilities.

AesirX has been preparing for the Cookie Apocalypse for a while, but now it’s your chance to join forces and become a freedom fighter in the battle for privacy! 

Visit to see all our solutions, and test out our demo sites. 

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