Freedom Fighter Software License - 90% off ALL Solutions

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Freedom Fighter Software License - 90% off ALL Solutions

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Freedom Fighter Software License - 90% off ALL Solutions

Huge holiday campaign - 90% off all AesirX Solutions when you purchase between 12/24 - 12/31

In traditional AesirX style, we’re giving back to the Open Source and Business communities this Christmas and offering you the chance to have full access to our Privacy-First solutions at a fraction of the original price. We are on a mission to democratize technology to the world - supporting SMEs and Enterprise-level businesses to have real Data Freedom. You pay just 10% of the price and all we ask is your feedback.

AesirX and the Fight for Privacy

Illegal third-party cookies have been used for over a decade to collect customers’ online data, ultimately for profit. AesirX Solutions Series were created in the fight for data freedom. Our series of GDPR-compliant marketing technology solutions are breaking new ground by only ever collecting and using first-party behavioral data to improve the user experience while still delivering data-driven results. That means no more online data abuse - and no loss of data insights when third-party cookies and scripts get banned in 2023.

AesirX DMA (Digital Marketing Automation), AesirX DAM (Digital Asset Management), AesirX Analytics, and AesirX BI (Business Intelligence) are already available with multiple features and benefits to improve workflow automation and gain 1st-party customer insights.

AesirX SSO (Single Sign On) is built using Web2+Web3 technology. It has Web3 wallet integrations (using Concordium blockchain zero knowledge ID technology), an authentication protocol used to confirm digital identities, and therefore offers an added layer of security while allowing users to remain private.

Finally, the last few solutions released to the community before Christmas are AesirX MCMS MetaVerse CMS with privacy-first technology and Web2+Web3 integrations, and AesirX PIM e-commerce system that helps retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers manage and enhance their product information across all selling platforms.

aesirx roadmap to q1 2024 supporting the fight for data freedomAesirX Roadmap to Q1 2024 - supporting the fight for data freedom

Roadmap to Data Freedom

With 7 solutions already released and 12 more solutions on our roadmap for 2023, you’ll have access to 19 solutions by the end of the year. Of course, they will be released gradually throughout the year but by the end of 2023, you’ll have on average $180,000* worth of software for only 10% of the cost.

[*Calculated as: 7 already released plus an average of 8 over the year = 15 (because we can’t charge you for solutions that are not released)].

For example, our Enterprise Edition is usually $1000 per month and $12,000 per year. If you were to take all 15 solutions, the cost would normally be $180,000 for the annual license. But you’ll get our Freedom Fighter license for just $18,000.

That’s a huge saving of $162,000.

If you’re an SME and not quite in need of AesirX Enterprise Edition yet, we have 3 more tiers, also with 90% off this week only:

we have 3 more tiers also with 90 off this week only

We’re doing this to show our support for the data freedom cause and giving you access to all AesirX Solutions on our Roadmap for 2023. All we’d like in return is some feedback when you use our services so we can improve our technology further. You can do this on Product Hunt or GitLab.

You can access the Freedom Fighter licenses from
From December 24 until December 31 2022.

Choose which Tier suits your needs. You can head to each of our Solutions landing pages from our main site and use the drop down menu to select each Solution.

Purchase your Freedom Fighter license only using $CCD - this special payment system is in celebration of our partnership with Concordium and to welcome our new Advisor, Lars Seier Christensen and the entire Concordium community.

After purchase, you’ll get access to all 7 released AesirX Solutions now, and each NEW solution as we release them throughout 2023.

pay just 10 of usual cost but get 100 access to all aesirx solutions in 2023Pay just 10% of usual cost but get 100% access to all AesirX Solutions in 2023

Receive a Special Minted NFT for free

Also, all ‘Freedom Fighters’ will receive a special minted NFT that will give access to as we launch it in Q1 2023.

receive a special minted nft for free

Help us spread the good word and become a Privacy Freedom Fighter and get full access to All AesirX Solutions in 2023 and save 90%. All you have to do is help make the solutions better by reviewing them.

Go to for purchase.

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